2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


@bonnie1 did you say you added another light recently? @Kapelady has a good point maybe light a little close? I’ve never used led but from what I read its easy to get them to close


I was told sometimes they just get used up and die. As long as it’s not consuming the plant at an alarming rate I wouldn’t worry I pull 4 or 5 yellowing leaves a night, my dogs love to eat any trimmings that I get. But I would not worry unless it’s taking over or killing the plant. I only have 6 to 8 inches between my tops and my led and it’s no problem my girl loves it.
And if you are in flower you should expect some yellowing


Yes but she said she just flipped to 12/12 and the leaves yellowing were at the top I think she may have something else going on… @Sirsmokes


Possibly I was just skimming through good catch


@Kapelady@WillyJ… only the tips on the top of one big bud photo, about 4 tips, barely noticeable but just saw it. The other big bud is younger but no yellow tips and everything is the same. The lights are 12 inches away from top and I added another light in the auto tent, not this one. All the other girls are great, no yellow or discoloration, in both tents… I’ve only bought seeds from ILGM and bubble gum is a feminized photo. I have enough autos and needed more photos. All I have left is 3 chocolade photos… bubble gum is 50% sativa and 50% indica and 17% THC so the best of both worlds :laughing:… don’t worry, not purchasing anymore seeds right now, have a lot to grow… I keep them in a dark cool place. The recent email from Robert about medical mj… click on any strain and it tells you everything you need to know about that strain, what it’s good for and how it grows etc… my autos are lookin great. One will be ready soon. I’m getting excited again! I’ll find out what the yellow tips are when I go get supplies from the hydro store. I went to high school with one of the owners :joy: it’s a small town :joy::seedling:


@Sirsmokes… thanks for the info… yeah the lights are fine and I don’t have a lot of yellow leaves this time… ph is good and nutes are good. This is just the tiny tips of few leaves on the top of the plant… but you’re right I’m not gonna worry about it. But I will find out what it is, cause need to know. I’m lookin forward to another great harvest in stages like my first… I planted several a few weeks apart on purpose so I don’t get overwhelmed all at once. :grimacing::leaves:


I’ve had seeds for 20 years that still crack


@bonnie1 post some pics that always helps :wink:


hi @bonnie1 it could be that it needs mag cause that make your leaf go yellow and goes up the plant too


Could be a little nute burn…I usually up the nutes till I see a little burn on tips then back of a little bit then you know what her limit is…like @Hogmaster said a pic would help you get an accurate answer…


@Shuggz@WillyJ… maybe it’s nute burn like you said but it’s not anywhere but at top of few leaves only barely on the tips. I just gave nutes again last night, so I’ll just give ph water for a week and cut back on nutes, I’m workin on it :grimacing::+1::seedling:… thanks for your opinion and not sure if I’ll add cal mag or not, I have a big bottle… cause after I added it last grow I ended up with toxic nute lockdown or whatever it was called but sure was a pain in the butt :joy::joy:


@Hogmaster… not worried about keeping seeds… they are good for a year and longer, I still want to try Gold Leaf strain, looked great, but expensive. As far as getting a good pic… that’s next to impossible under a net with 2 LEDs and it’s hard to see as it is… but of course I’ll try…they’re on 12/12 so gotta wait till later. I’m not that worried yet but want to correct before it gets worse. I’ll try to take a pic later thanks Hogmaster :grimacing:


@Hogmaster… here’s some pics… just few tips… probably not a big deal I don’t know :woman_shrugging:


looks as if your leafs are trying to protect themselves,how close is your lights @bonnie1?
no worries on the tips of leafs,as long as it is just tips… did you go full nutrients? i always try to step up nutes instead of just slamming them full strength …sometimes that will cause slight burn,tips.
all in all they still look marvelous dear!


@BIGE… the lights are 12 inches above tops of plants but I’ll move it up little and… I started out slow with nutes and stepped it up little like you told me… now at full nutes but gonna stop big grow now. They don’t need it and are big enough. Now gonna use just the big bloom & tiger bloom. They really look great (big buds) and are getting resin on them… love big bud !!! :grimacing: autos are getting trichomes just waiting for amber pistils, take pics on weekend … thanks :+1:


you are welcome!


@BIGE@Majiktoker…a message for you guys… maybe I can get your help with ILGM order. I inadvertently put the wrong expiration date on my card for 10 bubble gum fem and the order was declined. I’ve written 2 messages regarding the error but haven’t heard back what to do, how to correct it. I used contact form and still haven’t received a reply. I really screwed this up and also signed in as a new member but I’m not, this would be my third order. Should I just forget it and order another time? What would you do?


Update for journal: updated pic of autos on 11/7/17 (election day) gotta go vote democrat across the board :+1: :grimacing::leaves::herb::seedling:


@ILGM.Support.Becky @ILGM.Support.Roy @ILGM.Support.Claire
idk @bonnie1, lets give the support team time to chime in…
right or wrong get your vote on!


@BIGE… they replied and are resubmitting payment again but don’t know if it will go through. The bank only stopped it cause of wrong exp date… I screwed up. I’ll just purchase the same seeds again in a week or so I guess if it doesn’t work out. I voted!!! :rofl::herb::seedling: