2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


@Kapelady… they look a little bigger now and I added another light… I increased nutes on all my girls and they really look great! The buds are small but as long as it smokes good who cares right… I also shared mine with my little sister but not going to do that again until all my jars are full. The white widows are tall but super skunk is shorter and getting a nice cola. No worries everything is cool :sunglasses::leaves::seedling:


@Kapelady that sounds good, I just harvested amnesia lemon photo and amnesia auto. I think all amnesia strains have a good taste. Both of these are good😁


UPDATE FOR JOURNAL: My girls are very perky today and giving off a wonderful aroma :rofl: I tried to put net up but will have to take everything out of tent, so I’ll wait till I have time on the weekend. Two wwa should be ready in few weeks (3 months old) exactly if harvested by 11/24… I need more ffof and ph up… possibly a tds meter but really can’t afford anything extra right now and ph is very good, no discoloration, so probably will keep doing what I’m doing. Added another light in auto tent and wwa seem to be responding. Buds look a tad bigger and few extra popped out… so I’m definitely going to take a lower branch with premature popcorn buds, put it in a paper bag, dry it out and smoke it in few weeks or sooner. Noticed resin… & trichomes aren’t white yet but definitely developing on the 2 oldest wwa. I’ve grown 3 different strains of photos, 6 plants in my first grow successfully (with help from ILGM of course) and I will have success with this grow also! My next order for seeds will be photos NYC Diesel and not sure about 2nd one but it will be a haze of some kind, not sure yet… need something medical & potent so I can sleep. Looking forward to a harvest by thanksgiving, I’m stoked and need a smoke :v:️:leaves::seedling::herb:


@Macadon…I am very excited to see the difference between white widow (which I have grown twice) and amnesia haze which I am currently growing We shall see which one I prefer!


@Kapelady… I took a small branch from the bottom of one girl, not big at all with a tiny bud and dried it out…and it was great!!! It was very premature but still potent. I think you’ll like amnesia haze… they are both popular strains and heard the same good things about each one… even if wwa are small, I’m sure they’ll produce good weed cause they’re Robert Bergman’s feminized seeds… can’t wait to try super skunk auto, I’ll plant another one when I get room :grimacing::seedling:


@bonnie1…the bud that you dried and tried…which strain was it???


@Kapelady… it was white widow auto… that’s all I have that has buds… the autos are in the tent with the net… the photos have to go on 12/12 yet and need 2 more months. That’s why I’m growing both, so the autos will be ready in between the photos so I can accomplish a perpetual grow!! I don’t want to keep running out before each harvest. So these wwa maybe smaller but will serve the purpose and will be good quality weed… the trichomes are coming now and hopefully each plant will harvest in stages like I planned. Amnesia haze photos are potent and great for anxiety, at least it did for me and I love it… I have 2 small amnesia haze photos growing right now to follow behind 2 big buds. I’ve never grown amnesia haze autos but heard it’s same


@bonnie1…yes the autos may not be as big as the others but they grow quicker. I think you have an excellent plan for what you need. Check out my new pics …big changes in my plants since last week!


Update for journal: This morning I purchased 10 Bubble Gum fem seeds… I have enough autos now and will grow a few along with photos to secure a perpetual grow… the description of bubble gum strain sounded wonderful!! Can’t wait to receive them & start my third or fourth grow by January as I have 5 girls started already coming up behind this grow. I hope I don’t run outta room … :rofl::+1:



Sounds like your plants are doing a lot better Bonnie!!:slightly_smiling_face:
That’s fantastic news!!! :+1:


@Alton66… hey Alton how are ya? Yes, the 2 oldest wwa are getting trichomes and the aroma is yummy :yum:… mixed in with one super skunk auto. The buds are small but they look scrumptious… as you can see I’m getting hungry for some weed! I’m using up my leaves & the rest of the trim from last harvest now. Should’ve saved everything from all my plants but didn’t… so grow & learn… don’t waste anything! Just waiting for white trichomes and amber pistils :v:️:+1:


Excellent to hear Bonnie!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Hogmaster@Majiktoker@WillyJ… I have a few yellow tips on the leaves at the top of my plant…what does that mean? I’ve been giving nutes regularly and alternating with ph water ever other feeding.


That can mean it’s root bound @bonnie1 what size pot she in? See what others have to say… but I know if the tips of new growth start yellowing it can be a sign of being root bound


@WillyJ… really? I’m surprised cause big bud is in 5 gal bag and last grow was too, for 4 months… I just put 2 big buds on 12/12… they are under a net now and I have no plan to transplant at this stage of the grow. Thanks for your quick response, maybe someone else will chime in their opinion. I’m not going to worry about it right now… :grimacing::seedling:


If they’re in 5 gal then I wouldn’t think they’re root bound …maybe post a pic see what others say… are they getting enough water to make it through the 12 hr dark period…not drying out to much before light comes on …too much water? Could be a few different things see what others have to say


@WillyJ… I just flipped to 12/12 last night… and no… they aren’t too dry or too wet and no one else has responded… I feel pretty much on my own this grow…I have to go to the hydro store for supplies so I’ll find out what I need to know somewhere else. All I really care about at this point is purchasing seeds… it’s all good, no worries :wink:


@bonnie1…Bubble Gum? Are they autos? Never heard of this strain…did you get from this web site? Hmmm…I’ll have to check…sounds interesting!


@bonnie1…don’t purchase too many seeds…they have to be well taken care of and are only good for a certain period of time. Or they won’t germinate!


@bonnie1…yellow leaves can mean a number of things. First of all, when you are close to harvesting you will get yellow leaves but usually around the base of the plant. Maybe too much fertilizer or maybe your lighting is too strong or too close to the girls.