2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


I would do whatever you’re most comfortable with mine are at 12 on 12 off because it in with some of my flowering plants but they will grow at almost any light schedule you put them at ive done 12/12 14/10 16/8 and 18/6 all with good results but I prefer 16/8 tops but your fine wherever you want to put them I think they look great @bonnie1 As for your nutrients mix them full strength And just don’t feed all of it ! If Dilute you’re only getting partial nutrients


@Hogmaster… I will and I’ll put them on 16/8 not 18/6… thanks a lot and have a great day :grimacing::herb:


@Countryboyjvd1971 …naw its just the lighting …plants are doing great and growing great guns right now and have started to flower.


@bonnie1…don’t give up on them …let them grow and see what happens. After seeing your plants, I am glad that I left my lights on 24/7…I think that spurts their growth. However, having said that…autos have a predetermined schedule and 10 weeks is usually all they take. So, maybe it was your lighting, maybe your nutes, maybe your soil, maybe your watering…many factors could be even the seeds themselves! But don’t give up…keep lovingly looking after them and who knows they may surprise you. Are you sure they were white widow??? Perhaps your seeds were mixed up and your dealing with another strain! Maybe it’s not even an auto? So many things that could go wrong! Look at me, I had 4 seeds that did not germinate!


Sounds great @Kapelady
I did mention it might be lighting :+1:
Happy growing
Glad it wasn’t a issue :v:️CB


@Kapelady… would never give up… got lots of flower buds they are just small, not what I expected. I have a lot of seeds but I’ll never order wwa again. I’m sure I’ll get something outta these girls! Glad I still had 2 big bud and 2 amnesia haze and 3 chocolade photos left and I’ll order some different strains I’ve been wanting to buy. :+1::grimacing:


@bonnie1…I wouldn’t give up on ww…you still have seeds left…use them…and hopefully your next grow will be better!


@Kapelady… I said I would never give up and I have a lot of seeds to use… I already have 3 white widow seedlings following this grow that just popped. I added another light last night and fed all my plants and they all look great! The autos are not the same as photos and I expected more that’s all… everything is good, appreciate your reply just waiting to see more bud growth :grimacing::+1:


@bonnie1 that white widow auto is one of the best tasting and smoking weed I ever had. After you taste it you will probably order more​:wink::wink: just my little opinion


@Macadon… it smokes and tastes good but what about quality? I had 20 seeds, now I have 14. I’ll probably order something else next time, not use to autos and the verdict is still out… the buds are tiny and not looking like any other auto in any pic on this thread but time will tell, I’m sure I’ll end up with something!! :grimacing::herb::seedling::leaves:


You’re right it took me 5 to grow this one but I got a half oz but like I said it’s real good, but I bet the other autos are good to


Blue Dream grows crazy fast


@Macadon@bryan… hey guys thanks for your response and opinion, which I need and value very much. I’m sure I’ll get something outta these girls. Three white widow autos and one super skunk auto. The super skunk is shorter and bushier and getting a nice little cola on top but the white widows are little popcorn buds. After growing Big Bud, amnesia haze & chocolade… I just didn’t expect this. By the time these are ready I will be dry from previous harvest and I just don’t have 3 months to waste on popcorn buds with 3 whole plants producing 1/2 ounce… I’m gonna be screwed. I’m glad I started two big buds and two amnesia haze which will all be ready at different stages after I get rid of these autos. Then I have 3 more white widow autos that just popped and look good, so maybe I will get a second chance to produce some decent buds… no worries I’ll get something outta these girls :grimacing::+1::seedling:



Good morning Bonnie .:slightly_smiling_face:

Have you grown photo’s yet?

I know the time frame is longer but the return on your investment of time, money and energy is there at the end.

This grow has been a real pain in the ass hasn’t it?
I agree that it’s hard to waist three months.
You have your others drying which helps I’m sure. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66… hi Alton66… I’ve only grown photos, 3 different strains, I just mentioned it above. I’ve never grown autos and I don’t have anything drying at all. Where did you get that idea? Maybe you’re getting me mixed up with someone else, it happens very easily :joy:… you’ll have to see my first harvest and compare why I didn’t expect popcorn buds outta 3 white widow autos… first grow Big bud & Family… thanks a lot for your response. I’ll repeat again what I have going right now… 3 WWA & 1 Super Skunk Auto, in one tent and 2 big bud photos with 2 small amnesia haze just started, 3 WWA just started & here’s an updated pic…


The first pic is the autos under net & they look great but the buds are tiny, few & far between… second pic 2 big buds that are doing fantastic and one big bud will be ready approx one month behind the autos. I’m trying to accomplish a perpetual grow, if you know what I mean… I don’t want to run out between grows. I have 3 small wwa seedlings and 2 AH photos that are coming right up behind these. I’ll have to utilize every single part of these wwa for sure… But it’s all good cause I’ll have plenty… and some little popcorn buds for thanksgiving. :grimacing::+1::herb::leaves:


how long do you guys veg your photos? Updated pic above… no answer here…:ok_hand:


@bonnie1…you have to remember that with autos you may not harvest as much as your other plants but you will harvest quicker and in that respect you will have weed faster! I think a combination of both would keep you in a good supply! For me, growing 2 autos keeps me in weed for quite some time. After this grow, I won’t be growing again until spring. I am still working (smoking) my 2 last batches! So this batch will definitely carry me through to the spring.


@bonnie1…I’ve always gotten at least an ounce from my ww autos!


@Macadon…I have to agree with you about ww…I have had 2 grows of ww and have enjoyed it. Now, I am growing Amnesia Haze (auto) and I am hoping it is just as good; if not I’ll go back to white widow!