2nd Grow - first time autos & 2 big bud fem


This is my second grow… my first harvest was very successful and a wonderful experience! I’m starting with 2 white widow and 1 super skunk autos… and 2 big bud fem seeds, however, they are very small and not taking off like my first grow. I bought two different types of nutrients for seedlings and they did respond. Of course I’m using a very small dose and don’t know how often I should be applying, idk🤷‍♀️… I’ve solved my heater problem for the big tent in garage. Instead of buying a heater I’m getting another tent for a spare room I have. Just moved the other tent there and this room will fit even a bigger tent right next to it and I can grow all year without worry of cold weather and even use the tent in garage in spring & summer so I’ll have 3 tents!! Ready to get started…

1st serious grow - blueberry auto



What are the two nutrients? Looking forward to seeing what your autos yield in the tent!


@BIGE:joy: lol… was getting ready to take a pic and here you are!!! That’s a great phrase :rofl: Here we grow!


Nice start to your 2nd grow @bonnie1 I look forward to following your grow… happy growing


Your soil is a lil to moist… that would be the reason for the slow growth… :wink:
Try to let them dry out a lil bit more… :wink:

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@BrandNewbian… hey what’s up! Me too, haven’t grown autos yet and so far I have three. The super skunk was red on the tip when it shed its seed, weird right? And one big bud wouldn’t shed its seed and there’s a tiny piece left on the leaf. The white widow is taking off and the other big bud is dragging behind… and another white widow is ready to pop… it’s like a race, lol :joy: Should be alotta fun :grimacing::leaves::herb::seedling: the nutrients are Humboldt nutrients for seedlings stem strengthener & B52 B vitamins for bud, stalk and stem strength the hydro store guy helped me and knows I’m using ffof


@Sirsmokes@peachfuzz… thanks guys… I’m excited and ready for some growth. I just watered these girls because they are drying out quick under the LED light in tent… I have them a foot away, is that good? I actually had to move them from directly underneath the light…Humboldt nutrients for seedlings stem strengthener and B52B vitamins bud, stem, stalk strengthener and I have trio of fox farm but haven’t used it yet. What do you suggest?


Thanks I will watch the watering… always need reminding :grimacing:


Sorry @bonnie1 , I Don’t Use LEDs , but I don’t think a foot is far enough away… let a few others that use them chime in before doing anything to drastic… :wink:
As far as nutrients go… what kind of soil are you using?
Most seed starting soils will have enough stuff in them to get your baby’s off and running… I wouldn’t be giving them anything until 4 to 6 tru leafs … :wink:
Wishing you Good luck for your 2nd grow… :wink:

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@peachfuzz… lots of good advice out there… I try to listen and learn from everyone and I’m afraid of the nutes!!.. big bud fell right over, grew real tall right away and just collapsed. So I took their advice and got a stem strengthener. I use ffof and don’t like a lot of nutes at all but for some reason these girls aren’t growing like before. I only used a fraction in a gal of ph water and not using daily. I looked back at my first seedlings and they were a sorry sight, so I’m not worried now :joy: don’t scare me :flushed: now I’m worried about those nutes again :joy:


When they just fall over like that…it usually means that your soil has been wet for too long… it’s called damping off and it can happen at any stage of growth … :wink:

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@bonnie1 I always start my led hi and lower it down during the phases of growth with a foot bein at last stage but I also have 400w of cfl 4 to 5 inches away from the plant the cfl that close really prevents stretchING but this is just one man’s opinion


@Sirsmokes… are you telling me to lower it or make it higher? :joy:… I put it up higher, few feet, I’ll have to look that up :grimacing:


@peachfuzz… I didn’t know that and now I’m going to make sure I don’t over water at all… good to know, thanks a lot for that. Don’t think I’ll add anymore stem strengthener… grow and learn right… with a little help from my friends @ ilgm :grimacing::leaves:


Maybe you can check that on manufactur website. I have a meizhi and they recommend this


@M4ur… I think I’m good with the lights and that was very helpful but make sure policies are being followed with those pics cause I don’t know what would be a violation…


Them are not whit links or something else :wink: so I’m fine, I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@M4ur… ok good, idk :woman_shrugging:



Congrats on your 2nd grow! I just started my first and my Tutankhamuns are about 1 1/2" tall after 4 days. I’m running a 300w led at about 15" currently. I too have noticed the soil drying out quickly and I’m misting the soil 3 times a day. I’m so afraid of overwatering but I think I’m doing OK. I don’t think they are stretching too much yet but I want to give it a couple days. I’m sure the pros will set us straight. Look forward to following your grow! Good luck. Watching :v:

Edit: misread your led height. If your 450 is at 12" and doing well, I may be too far away. Keep us posted.