2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum


Fox farm trio, Cal mag and a tiny bit of molasses. They.smell.fruity.


here is mine


Mine have a lemon scent to them


Thinking of putting my charcoal filter for my exhaust on the out side of my tent to see in it help with me getting better negative pressure because my exhaust is all the way up and my intake is half speed and seems to blow more air not suckong threw the charcoal filter


You’re sure your exhaust fan is set the right way on the filter? If you have it reversed, your tent will swell up instead of suck in :v::bear:


It does suck in but it doesnt seem to as much as my intake does with the filter on the inside of the tent. But yeah if I shut off my intake it sucks in pretty hard. And my exhaust is a 200cfm I power and my intake is a 180 cfm apollo. I wanted to see which company was going to be better for a fan.


Making sure I’m pushing enough air threw my tent which I am pretty sure I am but just making sure. My exhaust does blow a ton of air threw. Helps to heat the basement. When my lights turn on I will take a pic of how I have it routed I think it may be the sharp turn it takes. But the only way I can set it up for now . Going to turn my lights and stuff my next grow.


Turn down the intake more if you can. As long as you see some negative pressure, you’re tent should be cycling enough air through it :v::bear:


Thanks I have it’s on where it starts to suck in but not to bad. They look good just gave them some ph 6.2 water. They are looking good a couple leaves showing deficenceys but just on the one. I cut my feeding back to 72 hours this time which I think was kinda a mistake by accident. Going to have to feed every other day. They were a little to dry for my liking this time.


Here is pics. Start of week 5 of flowering supposibly 3 to 4 weeks left.

ILGM CherryPie - Seed to Harvest, First Grow Journal

Night time pics.


Nice pics the ladies are really looking great!:eyes:


The green crack side of the tent well one plant coke she is the taller more stretchy one


This one isnt as stacked as my other one. Also this one closer to the intake could that explain the stretch? I havent figured that out y this one decided to go way more then the other. Other then the other one decided to super crop itself.


The bubble gum side just watered week 5 of nutrients ph at 6.21 added some roots organics foundation as a topper for extra cal mag.


Should I clear out some of the leaves it is getting a little stuffy in there again?


Or should I just turn my osolating fans up just a little to try to get some leaves moving more? Noticed some water in between some leaves in this section. Just wondering. Temp is 77°f and RH at 45%


I’d recommend removing leaves that are laying on top of each other and causing visible moisture or else you’re opening the door for mold/rot


Thank u @MattyBear that’s what I was thinking but wasn’t to sure.


Gorgeous grow @Killadruid, finish strong