2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum


I’m curious - only one month of veg though? Is this because of the size of your tent?


They filled the net and they already had hairs popping out of them I went with 24 on. I used root stimulator in every watering and that’s how they grew i have about 1.5 ft between pot and net. They r in 7 gallon pots with roots already at the sides and my tent is 78 inches tall but i wanted to do a scrog to use the maximum amount of my lights.


I’ve never seen such amazing growth. Also with green crack scrog is a good way to go because it can get tall. And since I wanted to grow both and have an even amount between the 2 strains I figured it would be the best way to use the tent


Everything looks good. Following along as bubblegum is my next and have been itching for the crack :joy: pun intended!



Bottom 2 pics r bubblegum top 2 r green crack


That is one awesome looking jungle mate!


Thank u. It will be 2 weeks into flowering tommorrow. Starting to get some bud growth. Cant wait to see how it turns out. Both strains end at basically the same amount of time one says 60 days the other says 61 days. When they r done I’m just going to take them and hang them right in the tent since I dont have another dark place to put them to dry. Seeing alot of tricomes starting to form on just about 60% of the leaves. Lol


That’s what I tried to do, with out your success. Very nice. :metal::+1::hushed:


Could u.post some day light shots. Lights off with flash shows it’s true color. Useless fact… I didnt see tip burn until I turned off lights and took journal pics.


@Killadruid Ive seen the guys around here always bring up looking at the calyx trichs instead of leaves. It might be worth the question or rather let me say this - what’s your philosophy on measuring trichs readiness?


just noticing them on the leaves also is all I was saying. No they still have 7 weeks to go. My philosophy is like everyone else when more then half of the trics r amber it’s good to go second grow so I’m no expert but that’s my opinion. I would go with what they look like on the buds tho.


I will right before lights turn on tonight. I do do regular inspections under white light to check the color just never took a pic but everytime I’ve pulled them out of the tent before the scrog they looked beautiful lol.


Wierd plant growth


pic with lights off. Sorry couldn’t get one last night so much snow to remove.


I hope mine turn out this good lol top one is thin mint and the other i cant remember the name but it deffenetally a night time strain lol.




So ended up having to move my lights up a little bit more. Good thing the stretch is almost done with lol. Noticed a little bit of to much light symptoms. Which is fine just move the lights up. They r really startin to produce some trics. Im waiting on another osolating fan to come in. Noticing so dead air spots I better take care of. Only 6.5weeks left. The nodes are starting to get tighter finally.