2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum


My scrog was a piece of fence, so I hung most of my branches from it lol. Then I suspended cooling racks (like for cookies) from the ceiling and used binder clips… It did the job

WTG on the yield!


Beautiful grow. I have a bubblegum growing, 3 weeks old. Two didn’t come up and I still have two in the bag. I noticed a big difference in Bubblegum and Sour D’s leafs. Bubblegum is a beautiful plant so far. The Sour sure grows faster. Anyway I hope mine looks half as good as yours. I’ll be curious as to how much your harvest made.


OMG! They are gorgeous ladies.


Thank u so bubble gum has a slower veg stage and speeds up in flowering i didnt notice to much of a difference but i guess it does. Im curious also on yield i cant wait lol almost time for first one to start going in jars


Bubble gum is now going in jars 25 grams of popcorn in the first holding st around 51 % humidity will burp and move buds around in a little bit to see how its holding if i can start getting more of that jared up.


So this bubblegum plant did not disapoint frost smelly and nice size tops even on the off shoots. Everything is starting to dry nocely i have to move my humidity guage in the middle of the buds to get a proper rh reading.


I am so looking forward to my Bubblegum. They have really started to change in the last couple of days.


Nice i cant wait to see what urs look like. I just finished

stock porn lol 1 complete 14hr day to trimming me and the gf and 3 6 hour days for me wwith the gf helping when she can and i still have some more trimming to do. Like i said i tried different methods to see how they dry out. Btw the bubblegum little buds still shot up in the jat to over 70% so still alot of moisture in there.


Tonight i start putting the bubble gum into jars after work yay… its goinh to be a long week of burping jars.


So left the jar in the tent over noght himidity still high in popcorn buds so thinking the biggerones still need to sit for 1 or 2 days



@Bubblehead so far 111gs in jars of just the purple bubblegum plant. I think i will more then hit my goal of a pound of good smokeable stuff.


And still more purple to jar up going to need more jars lol


So tge purple bubblegum plant aka bubba yielded 184 grams of dry weight before going in the jars. Not bad 6.5 ounces and i believe that that 9ne was prolly the least yielding one.


Finally smoked my GC last night. It was great. Super smooth, nice buzzy head high.


Nice im going to get dry ice to make hash


only a couple bags of trim made this amount of dry ice hash. This thing works amazing for dry ice hash.


Thinking im close to making a batch of no baked cookies


oh one green crack yielded 5 ounces dry and jared so now im at 11.5 ounces and 2 plants to go.


That’s nice it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.