2nd grow- First outdoor grow. GDP photo seed

I’m nearing the end of my very first grow of six auto flower seeds from ILGM. Two each gorilla glue, Bruce banner and GSC extreme. I am at the end of week 8 and excited to finish the process.
I have been ordering seeds online like it’s one click shopping on Amazon. I have nearly 100 seeds now and I haven’t even successfully completed my very first grow :rofl::rofl:🤷

Anyhow, because I’m close to the Canadian border we can’t have outdoor plants in the ground until memorial day or run the risk of freezing at night. I have my veggie garden in full swing after last weekend and realized since I have a tent down in the basement anyway I could try growing a plant outside this summer and tuck her away in the tent if I have guests or family over to hang out back.

I had initially wanted to try growing a plant outside but ended up getting the tent and all the gear out of fear of someone smelling it or seeing it. Now I’m feeling a little more brave and with the backup tent just in case I have to nix the outdoor grow I am confident to try.

I wanted to try a photo plant instead of auto outside and I’ll still do another round of auto flower plants in the tent after I finish up my first crop.
I’ve germinated a grand daddy purple seed from ILGM
I planted it in a jiffy pellet after a 24 hour soak in distilled water and peroxide. It had a small tail so I pointed it down.

I just ordered a small one bulb lamp and a grow LED bulb off Amazon to set up my seedling under 24/0 lights. Right now I have it in the tent with the other ladies but those are on a 12/12 so I’m going to be moving the GDP seedling to its own little corner with it’s own light until I can garden off and move outdoors.

I am worried about pests. I have neem oil and dish soap mixed from P4P so I hope that does the trick. I especially would be mad to move my outdoor plant inside and infest my inside plants in the process.

Suggestions for hardening off? I will be moving the plant into a 5 gal cloth pot after it’s establish a good root system. I will be doing LST to help reduce height and visibility as well.

Good luck with your grow! I to am near the Canadian border so know what your talking about with the length of the season. This is my first grow in many years and went with ILGM White Widow autos to shorten the time needed outside. I was never able to get anything but very small buds to start when the first freeze would happen. I have had the luxury of an unheated greenhouse and have been carrying them outside for full sun for a couple weeks now. The plants are 3 weeks old tomorrow and have hardened up nicely. Two will be transplanted to large pots and will live in the greenhouse until harvest (kind of an experiment) and the rest will be placed in the garden with the vegetables and flowers to keep them company.

I would be interested in how you fare with your grow, weather conditions and harvest. Damn this is fun again!

If I had any kind of forthought about doing an outdoor grow my seedling would already be ready to hang outside full time right now!! But… I’m totally winging this last minute decision so I don’t even have the soil yet for this seedling purchased. I can’t get Fox Farm here but I think there is one garden center in the cities that claims they sell it. If not, I have to buy FF soil online for $36 a bag which I did for my first grow :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Since this is a purple strain I’m very excited for the cooler nights at the end of fall to change the color of this plant. That is probably what I’m looking forward to the most :heart:

If you have a grow journal for your outdoor ladies tag me since we’re going to be close to the same schedule of season! Good luck!

I will be taking pics tomorrow to celebrate their 3 weeks. I wanted to wait until I had some time on them and will be trying a journal for the grow. I’ll feel better when some of the veterans here have had a look and assess the progress.

I found some Pro Mix at the local garden soil for $30, the wife uses that all the time for vegs and flowers. This year is kind of an experiment for sure.

GDP sprouted this afternoon. I have it tucked in a window and taped to the window just in case the cat gets curious.

I ordered 10 gallon fabric pots today for this plant. I only have 2 gallon and 5 gallon on hand. I figure if I’m doing an outdoor grow I’m going to make the most of it!

We are due for temps around 100° tomorrow which is a record for us. I’m worried about my container veggies! Lots of cold water. I’m not sure I would leave a bud plant out in that heat but I imagine they endure worse planted in the ground in Arizona? Right?

I posted my grow journal this morning if you wanted to check it out.

Mind if I chime in?
It’s never a good idea to put plants or seeds in sunlight, if you have them completely domed. The temps will rise quickly inside the dome. Even being inside the house.

I only say this through personal experience. If you’ve had no problems with it, then I digress.

Thank you for that. I had not heard that and appreciate the help!

What I thought yesterday was the tiniest little stem peeking at me was just a chunk of soil stuff so it’s not sprouted yet. Maybe she needs air :grin:

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It is best to keep it domed for now, but if you can, put a small led light over it. They don’t need much light at this stage.

Day 5 GDP is doing lovely!

She spends her days in the window of my home office.
Then she spends nights in the tent with my first grow who does 12 on during the night and 12 off during the day. So GDP gets 24/0 right now until she’s ready to transplant and harden off.

I found a local garden center that sells FFOF and bought every bag they had plus three bags of happy frog. They were the little bags so I’m not sure yet if I’m going to keep buying local or order the 1.5 cu bags off Amazon. There is still a little left of the big bag from my first grow.

Today, I’m going to mix the soil for my 10 gal fabric pot to prepare for transplanting.

I’m going to do a base of just soil, then a 50/50 mix of FFOF soil and Coco brick. Plus a little perlite since I have it. I do believe three of the pots (front three) from my first grow didn’t do as well in size because I made the soil mixture too dense, not enough coco or perlite.

I found out this week I will be returning to work full time in the office starting middle of July. This means I won’t be home in the event of sudden bad weather so hopefully my outdoor girl can handle herself when I’m not home to coddle her!

I’m also watching 2 of my nieces next weekend for 4 days. 13 and 6 are their ages. I have my basement tent hidden pretty well, however I don’t want them asking questions if they do somehow go back behind the curtain. (Don’t mind my clothes piles I’m sorting for my toddler)

I added a key only lock to the basement door so nobody can go wandering around down there.

I’m also planning my wedding reception in my home for October. This could be insane, considering I’ll be either close to, or in the midst of harvesting GDP around then.

If I didn’t have the basement tent I wouldn’t even consider it. But, hopefully I don’t destroy her in her final flower by moving her outdoors into the tent for that weekend!

Today GDP got transplanted into the 10 gal pot and put outside in the shade.

Just hiding behind my gazebo for now…

Tucked away with the rest of the garden. Nothing to see here…

Started LST