2nd Grow Every - Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and a Slurricane (Outdoors)

I back and well into my 2nd grow every ! Trying to apply what I learned from my first grow ! Change me medium and added one Girl - Outdoors. Pictures attached. Advice always welcome as I this is my 2nd Grow.

Pictures attached.


  • What strain, Blueberry / Amnesia Haze Auto from ILGM Slurricane Clone (Gift)
  • Method: Ammended Soil, ProMix, Malibu Soil, Worm Castings and a bunch of stuff to Down to Earth - Humic Acid, Bio Live, Oyster Shells, Langbeinite, Azomite and some Dr. Earth - Home Grown - Tomatoe Fertilizer.
  • Vessels: Pots, 3 gallon pots and 5 Gallon
  • PH of Water, is 6.0 - 7.0
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable - PPM averaging around 1600
  • Indoor or Outdoor - Indoor / Outdoor
  • Watt LED Grow Light - Viparspectra Timer Control Series TC1200
  • Temps; Day, Night 83/60 Degrees
  • Humidity; Day, Night 55%65%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, In-Line 4 Inch
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, - Humidifier only at this time
  • Co2; No!


After: Girls have grown up !!!

This last pic is the Northern Lights:

The Amnesia Haze are starting to Frost over !!!

Here is the Slurricane growing outdoors:

Have a Great Weekend my Friends


Very nice!

Thanks Covertgrower ! Had to take a small break my Dad had some health issues.

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Hope hes doing okay.

Thank you, he had surgery last week to remove this tumor. “One Breath at a Time”

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Up and running - good to see. Tough deal with pops. Wish you the best.

Looking good. Hope your Dad gets better soon.

Thanks @Deepsix I appreciate your kind thoughts. Dan said we might need some Ganja down the road. :upside_down_face:

Update on 2nd Grow Every !!!

@Deepsix @beardless @Covertgrower @Supajew420 @Hemp

Here is picture of my Slurricane I have going outdoors.


Here is picture of my Tent with all the Girls I’m growing inside !

Here is individual pictures of the Girls 4 - Amensia Haze and 1- Blueberry.

And a picture of the Blueberry ! See is going to outgrow my Tent !!!

Finally some pictures of the Trichomes off of AH # 1 Her pistils are 80 - 90 percent brown and the Trichomes are looking really close. I would love your feedback on the maturity of these Trichomes!

And a Gift from my Girlfriend !!!

Thanks for all your help here friends !!!


There looking nice and healthy

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Are the blueberry and AH autos?
My 3 amnesia haze autos ran 117 - 123 days. How far along are you. It looks like 2 weeks or so???

Very nice.

I like what I see.


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She looks like she has grown. Can I ask if I can date one of your girls? Lol

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I’m very excited for you.

Yes the Blueberry and AH are all autos ! The all popped their heads through the soil between July 6th and July 10th, So they are 81 to 77 days old my concern is the pistils have almost all turned Brown and the Trichomes look pretty milky. You know me the last thing I want to do pull the early. LOL My inventory is overflowing so no rush here. Thanks :sweat_smile:

You know what that means. You need to have an uptake on your intake :smoking:

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Yes I do, been looking at optionos to turn some of it into concentrates for longer term storage but don’t know a thing about that stuff. I hitter now and then when my “Restless Leg Symdrome” kicks in. :jeans: