2nd Grow Definitely learned from trial and error

This is the 5th week of my second grow!! All looking amazing as you see keeping my tent u set 80 degrees I’m using five gallon buckets to 3 plants a bucket dwc system I’ve been very patient with this grow. I’m using general hrydroppnics and have been adding the 5th week of nutrients daily slowly. Keeping my ppm in the ranch of 1000-1300.

First grow ended up w an ounce but had light leeks and didn’t do 72hrs in dark.

I made some cannibutter out of 8 grams and made 8 cookies evenly distributing the butter. Using one stuck of unsalted butter 1/2 cup of water 8grams of ground cannibas dexcompoulated for 30 mins in oven set at 210 melted butter on high brought heat down to low added cannibas and let simmer on low for 3hours took off filter through mesh cooking strainer then through cheese cloth then refrigerated and drained water off.

On a 1-10 scale of potency was a solid 8.5

If you have any questions let me know ;;))


You have alot to learn young grasshopper… but you will soon be enjoying in your labor and helping others… room temps can’t be any higher then 75 deg without issues down the road…
If air temps are 80 ? Then water temps aren’t far behind… :wink:
I’m here if you need more info…:wink:
Best wishes my fellow cultivator… :wink:
Also , theres no such need for that big of net pots… you could get away with 3 inch net pots and really rock it… those net baskets were made so that you dont overwater … I just use neoprene collars and water with no media… :wink:
It’s a learning curve for sure… I’ve been at this for over 10 years … so I know a couple of things… :wink:

That is the temp right on my lights the temp in the room never gets over 70 the tent itself is 65-70 degrees and I have five gallon of water containers so they take up a lot of room so I decided to do the big containers so I could get more. I’m looking into laser cutting 3 in holes on the top of a 50 gallon container and getting about 12 plants. But yes I still have lots to learn but this grow is significantly better then my last!

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Keep everything in balance and the ladies will keep you smiling with pride.


I keep my humidity at 36% during flower and water temp about 68 when I water. Temp between 75 and 80 with co2 but it stays about 78.


Yeah I need to find something that measures the co2 levels and turn it off once I reach the desired ppm. Do you know anything? Your plants look amazing tho I wish I had a bigger tent. But looking into some land right now so I can grow for my dispensary

Just hit week 6 of flower I started germination on aug 10th the are actually photo, cheese crossed with haze, I’m thinking it will be a 9 week flower but I’m not certain. The tips now have trichomes stacking on trichomes lol.

My tent is 4 x 8 x 80 and I use the organic co2 but i do not measure it, the only purpose is proactive in case the temp gets high to prevent stress. Wish I could help you there.

Where I live there is no house for 10 miles lol. Closest wall mart 45 minutes away.