2nd grow critical n zkittlez an jus got microbits,I jus water in right?

2nd grow coming on great jus introduce Ron bergman’s plant food to them n wow I must say I like so far I mean my 1 critical in middle of pic is jus a monster I’ve had to cut multiple times under for some air n I don’t like trimming i prefer Tucking but I deff like what I see now my microbits jus came when do I add it I think the gnats r gone but idk n like I said jus introduce ilgm plant food veg last night there 3 weeks in critical an fast but this microbits I jus pour in like I were watering I’m guessing
Bottom right skittles top right zkittlez n too left zkittlez the other critical fast bud p.s mainline criical bottom left

I believe it would be a good idea to find and fill out an ILGM Support Ticket posted by latewood.

Critical fast bud
Soil- coco loco bush doctor
Nutrients- Ron’s plant food ilgm jus
started date 5-17
Temp between 77-88 day …night 71-75
Humidity 25-55
Date sprouted 4-25

Soil- nature’s living soil an oceans forest/happy frog
N is the same as critical date temp n humidity as well as ilgms plant food