2nd grow, could use some advice

I’m 16 days from flipping to 12/12 and my plants are beginning to flower. I’m noticing just a bit of yellow tips on some of the leaves on my purple kush which is the plant directly under the light, a sf2000. The plants are now 76 days old. I’ve only fed them four times, using half the recommended dose of FF Grow Big and the last feed which was 12 days ago, I added a half dose of Tiger Bloom, ppm 850 (in line with my other feedings). I have included a dose of cal mag with each watering, since I read somewhere that the leds require more of that. Plants look otherwise very good aside from that so I am wondering if maybe too much light? I am right on target with DLI.

The other question I have is about scrogging. The net filled in pretty well though after about a week of flowering I slowed down on the tucking and tying down branches. Yesterday I did a fair bi of trimming to open some of the bud sites that are right at the height of the net. There are things I will do differently next time. Instead of letting the plants grow through the net I’m going to keep them flat under the net (someone on the forum talked about that; and no indica dominant plants. I’m planning to give things another week to let the buds get firmly established and then do a pretty extensive defoliation, and I have another net that I am going to put on to support things. Here’s some pics. Plant of right is Sour Diesel, P. Kush in middle, lemon amnesia on left. All in a mix of FF Ocean Forest, Happy Frog (seedling medium), and perlite.


Oh yeah, regarding the DLI, it just occurred to me that the last time I checked the light index was when I flipped and the plants were at the level of the net. Now they are six inches above and haven’t adjusted the light. So probably the issue there. Still would appreciate feedback.

@Mandomatt advice on what ? You need no help at all , just stay the course you on and it’s no more info you need at this moment , :100::ok_hand: !


10-4 yoshi. Never scrogged before and not sure if this is how things should go. Thanks very much.

Agree. You’re doing excellent. I don’t see any issues. When they’re done stretching is when I take everything below the net that didn’t make it to the canopy.


Yeah, I realized that I never did ask the question about scrogging. Some of the branches and bud sites that have grown above the net are a good six to eight inches above a bunch of some quite dense bud sites below that are at the level of the net. So I was wondering if that was going to present problems in the long run. I just supercropped a few of the really tall and thick ones, just in the interest of trying to keep things as much on the same level as possible, and presumably to boost yields a bit.

I take everything below the net because the canopy is going to be block light from those sites. And it’s a waste of the plants energy to try and develop those bud sites. I’d rather she focus energy on the ones that can receive lights. Plus I hate trimming popcorn buds, lol


You said it brother! They are the worst!