2nd Grow : Cheese, AK-47 and Peyote Critical.. FAIL ☠️

ARIGHTY. fans off. inline fan off but set to trigger on at 61%. Temps are 78 and humidity 60%. i just fear what may happen if the inline never triggers and the air is stagnant for 12 hours. but we shall see. i guess if that happens I can go myfriend’s route and go with a timer.

what the heck. everyone talked about AC infinity like it was god’s gift with it’s controller, but here this is, 10x better and i’ve never heard anyone mention it.

BTDT Brother!

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I’ve made several references to the hyper fan but there are so many posts…lol I’m sure you can search for them.
It costs more when adding the advanced optional controller but it does what I was looking for and it only draws about half the amps…power…electricity…saves money as it’s on 24/7/365 at least in my tent anyway as I don’t want to stop air exchange especially during flowering
Both fans hyper and AC seem to be well liked. I did a comparison of them awhile back in a post here somewhere

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well i must’ve just glazed right over them. there’s no variable speed control with the AC. you set the fan speed you want and that’s what it’ll kick it on to if you go 1 degree over or 20 degrees and if the fan speed isn’t fast enough it won’t ramp it up to a higher setting. it’s not smart. just what i’ve seen it sounded like AC was the first company to come up with these controllers. grr.

Hmm I thought some here had a way of keeping it always running and would ramp up…maybe not.

This is a post I made about the hyper and why I choose it over the AC

I had another post where I compared like 4 different brands too just can’t find that one ATM


Sorry charlie. May have been me. See them bout hand over fist over most other amazon filter/fans. I just use an old school box fan atm…

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lol no it’s not just you. every video on youtube features them. they’re great, don’t get me wrong, just didn’t realize there was someone else out there that had already come out with something better and didn’t realize the controller wasn’t as “smart” as I’d thought.

i AM a little crabby with them though. my fan died last Friday, called them first thing Monday so they could get a new shipped out asap, and then they sent it ground and it won’t get to me until tomorrow. i should’ve just bought a new one right away.

so just got off the phone with Kind. holy crap hopefully i absorbed half of what he said. @Bobbydigital @Skydiver you may find this interesting. or maybe you already knew.

  1. we all knew this but the bags needed to be aired out. then i introduced too much water.

  2. regardless of what the ph is reading, no more than a few crystals of the down should ever be used. he thinks i’m over shooting on acid. he encouraged me to go find a source of water that’s filtered and naturally around 7 already.

  3. checking Ph of runoff in organic hot soils is not helpful.

  4. i’m overwatering. even a 7 gallon potted plant shouldn’t need much more than a half litre or so a WEEK. take them to bone dry before watering again.

  5. this funky plant may have bad genetics (but my practices probably would’ve lead to issue anyway). i think it’s a clone of a clone rather than from a dedicated mother. the clone i took from the top is showing the same yellowing. my friend’s plants are also a mess. so it’s probably time to retire this line regardless.



Clone of a clone compared to clone of a mother isn’t necessarily bad. Now if its the clone of a clone of a clone from a sickly mother. Ur genetics have been wonky the whole time AKA why did they even use it :joy:

i gotta talk to him some more. he’s been running this strain for two years, so maybe this last generation had a mutation or something? regardless i don’t think this plant is gonna make it and honestly not sure i want to babysit something so finicky. i have 10 more that so far are doing fine (so far… way to jinx) though this will mess up my scrog plans. as long as i have space i’ll see if i can nurse to practice skills, but i gave it another watering yesterday and probably just made things even worse.

If your using citric acid to lower PH to under 7 however much you might need it shouldn’t have a negative effect on things. My water is about 7.8 and I add enough citric acid to get it around 6.5 or so just so it’s under 7.0

As far as overwatering the amount changes as the plants get bigger. When they are small they use less as they get bigger more. Maybe you should wait until the visible signs show telling you they are ready…the old droop thing. If they aren’t crying for water leave them be until ready.

I haven’t watered my recent transplants for about 8 days or so and they are in 3 gal pots as they are just getting growing bigger. I keep wanting to water them but the soil is still moist and they aren’t showing any signs of being thirsty…maybe today. The most I’ve needed to give plants in 7 gal pots has been maybe 5 liters and that’s when they were in flower.

You’ll get them squared away.


my brain still has a really hard time wrapping itself around the fact that the crystals only hold the ph for like 15 minutes. it all seems pointless.

This is why I went the distilled water route. I’m only giving it about 2 solo cups of water every 4 days so it’s not expensive at $0.88 a gallon. And I didn’t want to mess around with the citric acid and having to toss a gallon of water I had already dechlorinated because I added too much.

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The distilled water i picked up was 8.0, same as my filtered water.

I don’t seem to have that issue

Distilled can’t give a true ph since there’s not enough dissolved solids in it. It will assume whatever ph it’s poured into

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ack this hurts my head… but that makes sense. kinda. so you don’t need to ph distilled water at all? isn’t it like RO water with no solids? why would you need to pH RO water?

You don’t need to ph RO for the same reason. You can ph it and check it again a few minutes later and it will change. There’s not enough solids to hold the ph. Kind soil recommends you do not use RO water but distilled or purified bottled water is ok and “may be easier in the long run because you won’t need to ph”. The only reason I can think of why they wouldn’t recommend RO is because it is deionized and distilled is not. So distilled has electric conductivity where RO won’t.

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ya just trying to get at the theory of it rather than use it in my grows. but… half the folks on here use RO and Ph religiously. :thinking: