2nd grow but have problem

Here i am again :laughing: I beg your patience

2nd grow going. Right now 2 weeks in solo cups and 2 weeks in 3 gallon bags with happy frog. 3 gorilla glue and 2 girl scout. Other 4 healthy

Any thoughts, ideas. Im thinking maybe microbial issues…? Was gonna recharge next watering. I’ve been looking at charts but not sure

@GFDuke @Hellraiser @Pinboy

  • What strain Girlscout auto and gorilla glue auto

  • Seed bank ILGM

  • Method: Organic soil, FF Happy Frog

  • Vessels: 3 gallon bags

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff: using 6.3ph water, declorinated

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable. Haven’t checked runoff yet

  • Indoor 5x5 tent

  • Light system : spider farmer sf4000 at 60% 26" over tops

  • Temps; ave 72°f

  • Humidity; varies… low 30 high 62

  • Ventilation system; Yes 6" with inline fans 390cu ft/min

  • Co2; No, but considering getting a bag or bucket

*plan to use Jack’s 3,2,1 once ppm was under 1000, but it’s only been in happy frog 2 weeks. Solo cup was half HF half Promix

Not an expert by any means but my 2 cents worth… Are you sure it is not water damage? Also may want to try adding some cal-mag.


I absolutely believe it could be water splatter. My son (adult son) watered for me this time. No nutes, just ph’d water


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Is this every leaf or just one ?

A pic of whole plant would help greatly

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I agree it looks like water splatter. But, your ph is too low as well. Above 6.5 and below 6.8 is best. 6.3 is too low. I like to keep mine at 6.6 - 6.7. Don’t waste your money on Co2.

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Yeah lets see the whole plant, is that leaf from the bottom of the plant, are upper leaves affected in the same manner?


Could be water damage, but like others said, your gonna have to post up a whole plant pic. My ilgm gorilla autos were super easy to grow and super potent to smoke!

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I knew I should have posted more. Sorry the first pics were too dark so I deleted it

@GFDuke @BetrayedSoul @HMGRWN @Hellraiser @Pinboy

Notice the blistering? Big sun leaf lower left

It the lower left one. The spots are hard to see, but they’re there

Dude, I think the gorilla is maybe the best weed I’ve smoked or real high on the list

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My bet is still that it’s from watering, plants look real healthy otherwise

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Definitely mostly the bottom but a couple small spot 1/2 way or a little more

Yeah lowest leaves tend to get ugly, no light, water/nutes spilled on them. I never see them as I keep the bottoms of my plants pretty cleaned up, makes for easier watering and not having to look at old ugly leaves. Remove those leaves and don’t worry about it, no biggie.


Thanks @Hellraiser I was planning some pruning next couple days to get some of those sun leaves gone, hopefully open up a couple nodes

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Yeah it’s for sure way up on the list. My friends and fam are all crying because I’m starting to run low on it. I sure hope the gsca’s I have going now can compare!

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The really bad one at bottom looks like its messed up from touching soil. Tear it off lol no need for that ugly one in there.
Plant looks pretty good. Prob from water drops as others stated. If it happens to more leaves ask again for help.
Always check ph and ppm first with any problem and it is always best if making changes to do one at a time that way you figure out what changes what. If that makes sense.
Happy Growing !!