2nd grow, big plant


My first grow was alright, two small plants from bagseed, produced about 2 ounces. My current grow is going quite well, seeing as though my plant has recently outgrown its 5 gal pot, and has been transplanted to a 20 gal. I am new to the site and hope to get some foreign expertise on the subject. while I may be a beginner, I’ve spent countless hours researching the subject, so I do have quite a wide range of information on outdoor growing, my preferred method I guess. I’ve done some “journaling” already so here are some pics, enjoy I guess?


P. S some pics are a little shuffled up, hope u don’t mind.


You should totally do a grow journal thread for the mango haze. I’ve been looking into buying some seeds to grow myself so I’d love to watch your girls first!


Well right now it’s girl, singular, but with more on the way :slight_smile: . Here on the golf coast (hint hint) hazes tend to do well, and I’m hoping for at least a couple of ounces of this plant. I’ll make sure to keep u updated. I’ve never tried mango haze, but I’ve heard some good reviews on the strain. Unfortunately I don’t have the best materials for a grow at the moment, so this particular grow may be a little slow, but I’ll take some pics for u, and whomever else might be interested. @ktreez420: I would definitely recommend the strain, with the right conditions, this strain grows like a champ.


My clones have finally started to grow! It’s been about 4 weeks since I started them with honey, yes honey. It works quite well, and with my current odds being 3/3, I don’t think I’ll ever use cloning gel or powder or whatever else their is. I personally used 100% natural honey, but I don’t think it matters. One more thing, I’ve moved my plant into a 20 gal, but the soil in the 5 gal was much better than what I transplanted it into. The soil in its new home is much more native then the previous, it’s about a 50/50 - 70/30 mix, favoring the native soil. This and other factors have encouraged me to flower, but the current daylight hours aren’t in my favor, so my plant has been moved to a more shaded area. I was wondering if this will start it to flower, or if indirect sunlight has an impact on my plants daylight hours? If somone has an answer please reply, I moved my plant a little over a weak ago, but haven’t seen any noticeable changes. Here’s some pics of my plant and my new clones:


To anyone who’s reading: I apologize for the lengthy descriptions, I just have so much to say that I tend to get lost in the moment and over do it. Not to mention I’m stoned :stuck_out_tongue: Hope u don’t mind.


Indirect sunlight will still count as daylight hours, if you want your plant to start flowering earlier, throw a dark coloured sheet or tarp or whatever you can get your hands on (make sure its not too heavy as it might damage your plant) over the plant for the first couple hours in the morning, or the last couple hours of sunlight in the afternoon. Just make sure you don’t leave it on too long, you don’t want your plant baking inside a tarp in the midday sun. If you put it on in the afternoon just be sure to take it off before direct sunlight in the morning.
Basically, you want your plant to be in complete darkness for an extra couple of hours by doing this, so make sure whatever you use doesn’t let sunlight through, and is light enough to put over your plants. There are certain conditions e.g. rain or heavy wind where i wouldn’t recommend putting it over them.


Damn. Unfortunately rainstorms and heavy winds are quite frequent were I am at, so I don’t believe this method will work. I think my best bet is to let nature take its course and wait it out till the sun is in my favor. Although this will mean quite a big plant, but I’m prepared for the consequences :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to have to move my plant no matter what, I have to keep it away from prying eyes, and I am going to be moving out soon anyways. I think I’m just gonna guerilla it, that way it will be in a secluded place were I can rest easy knowing it most likely will not be found. But thanks anyways @BondPacker.


B4 I pass out I would like for some expert opinion on a certain matter. The seeds I ordered were m/f and my plant has been a little shy on showing me some pistils. That being said, from what I can tell w/o the appearance of pistils is that the plant is female, but that’s just a guess on the shape of the pre flowers, and sometimes I think I see something that looks similar to pistils, but that could also be my mind playing tricks on me. This is quite strange because my first grow was easy going and so was the spotting of pistils. I’ve heard some plants don’t show their sex until u put them in flower, so I was just wondering if mango haze tends to do that, anybody have any experience with this? I know what female and male preflowers look like, but this plant has left me stumped, I can use some help. I post pics of the preflowers later.


Well, I stayed up all night just to deliver some bad news. I looked at the backside of my plant and notice a heap a problems in store for me. Words can describe this, but I’d rather not, so here are some pics. One more thing, the white dots you see are from white flies, they are an unavoidable problem, I had them on my previous grow as well, but they usually don’t do too much harm. Alright unto the pics.


The brown dots seem to me like leaf septoria, but are oddly different from what I know it to look like. One of the branches seems to have a royal screwed up top, the messed up leaf was picked off of it, and I have no clue what caused it. It seems that it is only that branch, but I don’t know what I should do about it. I also notice 2 different bugs on my baby. One looks like a flying ant and seems harmless, but I’m pretty sure I saw it laying eggs on a leaf. The other bug is brown and extremely small, both of which I’ve never seen before. The last problem I’ve seen for a while and don’t really know if it is a problem or not. All the leaves on the entirety of the plant are white a the very tip, but it’s so small that I dismissed it at first. PLEASE help me understand what is wrong with my plant, and what I can do to fix it.


One other thing, I said I’d post pics of the preflowers so here they are:

The preflowers don’t have pistils sticking out of them, but tht could be because my plant isn’t in flower. Some of the preflowers look female and I haven’t seen the iconic ball on a stick anywhere. My clones are fine and seem to be rid of any of the problems the parent plant is facing, and they are secluded on my roof. This is really stressing me out, and what more is tht besides the problems I’ve already talked about, the plant seems to be doing just fine, healthy even. Wtf is going on? NEED HELP!


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I was using some slow release organic nutrients, just what I could find at the local gardening store. It had a decent NPK ratio something like 9:13:11, it would last a 2 month period, and worked great. Ive since ran out and am waiting till my next shopping trip to acquire more. I know I’m over excessive over my plant, but with my first grow, I almost lost it to leaf septoria, but I picked most of the leaves before the spores spread. I was just lucky to catch it early is all. So I have my reasons of being paranoid. I’m guessing most of the problems were caused from the transplant from the 5 to the 20 gal. Unfortunately I’m putting all my cards on a 50/50 chance of my babe being female. I’m sure most of the other problems can be blamed on deficiencies. I’ve tried to keep up the nitrogen intake with a certain urine solution (it works but if u aren’t willing to get down and dirty I wouldn’t recommend it). Don’t worry, I won’t use it during flowering, and I’ll flush it as best I can. Thnx for the info, just got some weed and with ur intake, @vicbesos420, I can finally sleep sound :wink:


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dude give em a small shot of calmag …in the picts the edges of leaves are showing it ,just slightly but there …and some strains don’t show sex till in 12x12 for a week or 2 …the ones iam growing now all showed by weeks 3-4 of growth all had hairs peeking … but most of the strains i grown in the past rarly showed before being placed into bud … … also a good plant protectant is DE in a tube sock and shake it and pat it over the whole plant …Like a DUST CLOUD …if it rains just reapplie … … …


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When I was using Nutes, my plant seemed fine and there was no sign of deficiencies, so first I’ll get some more Nutes, and if the problem doesn’t secede I will get my hands on both some cal mag, and some DE. I’ve heard of DE, and I think it would be the perfect way to ride my plants of bugs and not use chemicals at the same time, staying true to my organic claims. From what I can tell, most of the bugs seem almost harmless. Even with DE, these whiteflies won’t stop until I move my plant, because the vegetation surrounding my plant are infested with these pests. The good thing is spiders seem attracted to my plant, keeping
the new growth mostly free of whiteflies and othe bugs. I never thought I’d be so happy to see spiders. Any one else feel the same? I’ve got at least 50 of them, but I’ve faced spider mites before, so I can’t help but feel nervous when I see a web w/o spiders. just wonder if spiders eat mites as well, anyone know?


If my typing seems strange, just know I’m extremely stoned at the moment, I’m typing at about 5 wpm so I should prbly stop, thanks for the advice everyone, it been really helpful :slight_smile:


yes house spiders eat any bug they can catch… even their OWN.lol …but DE will kill ant thing with an exoskeleton Good OR Bad …ive owned some for years and never used it…but after reding latewood’s post about it i though id try it …you see i bug bomb Need It Or Not after every crop or 2 and use bleach, and safer soap , neem oil, to treat floors and such have used tide , peroxide,roach &ant killer , boiled down pict coils . EVERYTHING Including my thumb and forfinger. LOL… ANT All this wasn’t even for spider mites !!! i got a bug looks like miniature cockroach runs fast jumps like a flea " just before my finger stab" dosnt mess with the hydro ,but will get into soil . never see them on a plant EVER .never seen one fly . looks like a knat of some flavor.??? SSSOOOOOOOOOO i got out my very old sack of DE recently following latewood "s thought’s on DE . and filled a tube sock .went into the room with fans on and proceeded to shake pat rattle and roll it “LOOK’s like a flour mll blew up LMAO” 3 days later no more weird bug!! 5 weks later and ive only spotted 3 alive two of them couldn’t hardly move and the 3rd moved too slow for his own good hahaa… this stuff worked where no chem could . But it can be Messy . AND PS. were a dust mask , YOULL NEED IT LMAO …HAMMER… hey the little basturds looked like a nail to me… hehe