2nd grow/ beginner

Hey guys, i put my GG seeds in my little tent 16 hours ago and noticed one had sprouted already. so pumped they have sprouted so quickly. My first grow is almost done i’m running 2 x 315 watt cmh in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.1 Pine lab tent with a 6" mountain air silenced carbon filter. I was wondering if anyone on here is also using cmh as a lot i’ve come across seem to be either led or hps

Welcome to ILGM forum, I use LEDS I’ve seen some growers using cmh can’t remember who though. Good luck and good growing. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Welcome to the forum. I’m sure CMH is metal halide which is great for veg and HPS I know is sodium which has the extra red in it that’s needed for flower. I also use led in the same tent as I’m in the process of swapping to an all LED grow. Heat will be a lot easier to manage. Good luck on your grow

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im quite surprised by the lack of heat this unit actually puts out. i had to remove it from the exhaust and add a heater to keep the temps nice. Only just in spring here though so summer will be the test

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I checked the temperature on my 600w HPS and it was 150°c so I had to start using cool tubes to cool it all down a bit