2nd grow and need help what to trim thanks in advamce

When to trim some of the water leaves attached are pics ther the size of my palms but seem to be cover some new what seem to be growth sites please i need advice!!!And cut of some of the leaves that are touching soul just dont wanna cut to many off please help

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Trim a few fan leaves that block light to other growth and try to prop up ones that want to touch soil or trim a few of those and let them go from there a while

Agreed here. Remove anything that is touching the soil - it will rot off anyway, may as well save her the time and energy.

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multiple threads - same plants

Following multiple threads on the same plants or topics is kinda hard. Maybe make a journal for each grow and discuss everything related to the grow in that journal.

Lookin good!


I trim all fan leaves with 3"+ stems…be careful not to remove more than 30% of plant per trim…let bounce back a week before doing more.
Happy growing

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Agreed. One journal will make it easier to get consistent advice from consistent growers.

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