2nd grow all ILGM seeds or clones

These girls have grown at least 8 inches in a week.

What should I do to train them. Last time I staked & tied every big node and trimmed all of the bottom half. The yeild wasn’t real good that way. I’m limited on space (5 x 6’) and I have 9 more younger plants from seeds coming up.

I’m guessing I can’t SOG because they Will be in different stages of growth. Any thoughts anyone?

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@skgrower I would say I probably not the best action at this point to get the most out of the technique you should place screen 25 inches off the ground and allow plants to grow up to screen
I also feel it’s best to scrog one plant at a time to get the most out of the technique
You could try LST trading before you flower them
Or try a smaller scrog screen @kabongster has a nice little screen he made for one plant that he can roll in and out of tent as ness to service the plant :+1:

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The problem I’m going to have is that the clones are so much bigger than the others, I’m wondering if I should cut the top 12 inches off. That would bring them down to where most of the other plants are.

I’m going to use side lights in flower. Maybe I can just let them grow at whatever they’re going to be.

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Switched lights to 16/8. Next week to 14/10. Hope I’m doing it right. It worked good on the last grow.

@skgrower that sounds good i have been doin 15min each week cause its about a 2min every day but timer only does 4- 15mi8n in a hour but i thinkin it will be easy on the plants or is it good to giv stress thanks and lays look good happy growin

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My auto flowers don’t look like they’re going to do much. They’re 6-7 weeks old and northern lights is the only one keeping up with the regular feminized plants.

Amnesia Haze


Northern Lights

I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. They just don’t want to grow much. They’re getting good light. I moved the LED light to 18" and they showed signs of burning so I moved it back to 30". I’m not giving them nutrients because they are so small except ca/mg and fulvic acid. Same thing all the other plants get when I water. Another clue is the A H and Blueberry plants pots are very heavy like they’re retaining a lot of water, but when I put my finger in about 2" down every 3 days, the soil doesn’t feel overly wet. I apparently don’t know how to grow auto flowers right. I guess I got lucky with the Northern Lights. @dbrn32 the Amnesia Haze looks like it needs something, but I’m afraid to feed such a small plant.


As long as it’s 6-7 weeks you should be good to feed them. And there’s pistol everywhere, if it were me I would be feeding bloom nutes Pronto

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How big are those pots? Did you start them there? And did you attempt to train them any?

Outside of going though the support ticket, asking you about what soil you used, and so on. I would give the one a light feed and see how it reacts. It’s not like you’re going to screw up a major haul or anything. But if you think she may be hungry, let her eat.

This goes back to my comment on the other thread about the autos. They’re just so finicky about everything. If you transplant, top, or even get to aggressive with training it can stop them dead in their tracks. Every once in a while you’ll get one that wants to be a monster, or has recessive auto trait that you have to kick in the butt to make it flower. Those end up being gorgeous. I added a mix pack with my first order here for shits and giggles. And they’ll probably sit in the packages until I give them away.

The soil is a super soil I made from a Jorge Cervantes recipe that I tweaked with worm castings, bone meal, part Coco and perlite. I know @bob31 has had success with amnesia haze, but not sure if they’re autos. He said they might be good for my pain issues. They look like a nice cola off a larger plant. A friend told me he had an outside plant grow like these. Little bitty but nice bud. I have started a third AH to see what it’s going to do. The Northern Lights looks really good.

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@skgrower Im growing the AHA now. I’m right at 6 weeks flowering today.

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Auto or regular @bob31?

Amnesia haze seems to be a favorite. I’ve never had it, but dabbled in other haze strains.

Like I said, the autos are just tricky. Its possible you just a couple of runt phenos and next one will grow awesome. If that happened with a photo plant, you simply just veg a little longer. With an auto, you’re stuck with it.

I have a sneaky suspicion that maybe she spent too much time expanding roots in the large pot. Unless you transplanted it, that will stall them too. Either way, it can still produce good smoke.

AHA Amnesia Haze Auto

I only have a 3x3 tent so i can only grow one or two SCROG photos a year. This year was GL.

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I put them in 5 gallon pot as soon as they got 3 nodes. Maybe AH #3 will do better. At least I have 10 other regular feminized growing to save the day. I’m hoping the train wreck gets the biggest. I smoked some 5 years ago and it was mind blowing stuff.

Try starting them in like a 2 or 3 gallon pot and leave them there for duration of the grow. Transplanting them has a tendency to stunt them.

I think I’ve found the problem. I was growing them in the small square plastic containers with the holes in the bottom. I just cut the bottom out of the container and planted them still in the container into the smart pots. I think the roots weren’t able to grow like they’re supposed to. I carefully dug down into the soil and cut the container on the side and pulled it out. Maybe they’ll grow now.


Perhaps, hopefully it will help some anyway

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I know it’s been 20 days since my last update, but I’ve been working on building lights. Plants were in veg anyway except autos. I eased them into flower by switching to 16/8 then 14/10. They started budding within 3 days of the 12/12 switch.
Regular feminized plants

Only 1 auto is going to be a decent yield. Northern Lights.

The Amnesia Haze are runts so I started a new one and the Blueberrys are not going to be much.

I can’t figure out why I’m getting high runoff when I’m giving them just water at 6.5 pH. The supersoil I’m using should be out of most nutrients by now. The runoff is around 2100 PPM on the regular fem plants and 3500 PPM on the smaller autos. I’m feeding the GH Flora series @1100 to 1300 PPM once a week @6.3 to 6.6 pH. I water when the smart pots get light which is 1/2 gal every other day for the regular plants. I’ve flushed them right before flower using GH FloraKleen. The plants all look really healthy to me.