2nd Grow: Acapulco Gold


Hi fellow growers,

Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends ~ Ladies and Gentlemen (EML). Did the title give away my age? I graduated HS summer of 73 and began smoking herb at some point during the winter of 73/74. The Vietnam war was ending for America, Tricky Dick was on his way out, and my oh my the music!!! Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, EML, and many more bands were at their best.

Back then 3 fingered “lids” were 20 bucks for Mexican dirt bags, sometimes we got lucky and scored better Jamaican or Panamanian grade weed. If we got really lucky or could afford it, we scored Columbian Gold or Acapulco Gold which would blow our minds. It’s really a crying shame that those pure landraces were not preserved.

So, in memory of those landraces I have decided my 2nd grow would be a Barney’s Farm Feminized Acapulco Gold. And I do know it’s not the same Acapulco Gold from the 60’s and 70’s. According to Barney’s Farm we have a 30 /70 Indica/Sativa dominant mix promising a long lasting high with a relaxing stress reduction and upbeat effect.

Oh, and by the way, I haven’t smoked Cannabis for over 20 years. (I did eat some fudge cakes made with canna-butter from the first grow cuttings (Candy Kush)). I am mostly growing for Grandma’s medicine needs (she’s a life long smoker of 86 years young now) and decided to try growing instead of buying from the streets.

The grow

Grow Box: 15" W x 11.5" L x 32" H
Lighting: 150 Watt UFO Led /about 12” away from plant. Getting about 900 lux
Humidity: Between 40 – 85%.
Temp: Between 75 – 93 F
Water: Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtered water
PH: 6.0 - 6.5
Soil: Fox Farms Happy Frog
Genetics: Barney’s Farm Feminized Acapulco Gold
Start Date: 10/31/17

3 seeds were germinated (24 hour water soak) and placed into peat moss plugs. All 3 seeds began sprouting but 3rd seed was missing cotyledons/first serrated cannabis leaves (Decapitated). 2nd seed cotyledon leaves partially damaged/deformed and by 11/5/17 was falling over (weak stem). 1st and 2nd seedling were placed into 9 oz. Dixie cups but 2nd seedling didn’t make it. (stem separated from roots)
1st seed is doing fine and was transplanted to 3 gallon cloth pots on 11/13/17.

Was kind of bummed out that 2 of the 3 seeds didn’t make it, but can concentrate on this one plant for now. Am planning on a lot of LST on the plant, but will first be attempting a couple of toppings to see if I can keep plant short and bushy. First topping will occur later this week. Will also be following the Fox Farms feeding schedule. Last night I mixed 2 tbls Big Bloom with gallon of water and watered the baby AG.

Happy Growing


So two out of three? Give this one a lot of love so she blooms like crazy!!! I’m also growing for medicinal purposes for a family member that is very sick. I’m not much of a smoker myself lol anyway good luck buddy! @Stvzie


My favorite strain ever so far


I remember those great days of finger weighed bags. Being from Central Florida, we had a constant supply of Jamaican sensi and Columbian gold to keep us happy. We didn’t have to settle for dirt weed. We grew outdoors and never got caught. Those were the best years of this old guy’s life. :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum, May your grow continue without any problems! Sometimes it’s tough starting out. I had a few die on me. I found out later I just over loved them with water. Oops! @Stvzie


Thanks for all the great comments, I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and we were pretty much limited on what we could get our hands on, though sometimes we could get some of the better stuff.

So today I topped the girl, don’t have a lot of space and want a low bushy plant. Will wait a week or two and will plan on maybe a FIMM fot AG plant.


So its been about 9 days since I topped plant, have 6 main stems growing. Today I topped the 2 main stems that grew out of the first topping and 4 other stems were Fimmed. Afterwards I applied more LST to my baby girl. In thee first photo you can see the first topping and the 2 stems that grew from it. Think this will be my last topping on this plant.


Nicely done @Stvzie. Keep up the great work!


Thanks Covertgrower, this grow is going so much better than my first grow, I learned alot on that grow:grin: