2nd Grow - 4 Ladies in the hills - Emerald Nuets - Platnum LED P600 - SCROG


Alright guys,

The day has come that i get this going. In the air about either growing 4 different strains. germinate 2 of each, then after a month or so, toss the smaller ones and take the bigs. will be germinating in march to give them a full month of pregrowth.

5 gallons master nursery potting soil
5 gallons dr. earth potting soil
5 gallons work castings
10 qrts perlite
handful of mychorizza

Will be running the 3 stage nuet schedule from emerald harvest for the entire grow plus cal mag and liquid seaweed for micronuets.

Will be topping at 3rd node then LST and scrogging.

I will be updating my grow tent also to a little bit larger space. lot to do.

Platnium P600 LED - I chose this light for its umole rating and strip shape. did alot of digging. and this is the one i will use. the vipars arent cutting it.
vipar 450 as back up incase i need more spread.

Will be investing in full solar. just need a couple more panels. but supplementing some power from shore.

Strain suggestions:

What have you guys grown in the past. i will be heavy on this chat forum again and would like to grow plants you guys have grown so we can cross compare. i need 3 different strains. I will be growing the last of my purple on this one and then taking clones. but hopefully taking clones from other plants also.


What kind of smoke do you like? We always tend to go for sativa leaning hybrids.

thats the way ive been leaning. it can be any kinda smoke. just trying to grow different strains but with good support from you guys.


Try some of the new ones perhaps? Not going to get a lot of info on them, as they’re new obviously. But looking at parent plants and such can give you general idea of what to expect, blue haze maybe? If not super silver haze has quite the rep for being very very frosty.

If you want more of a 50/50, that black widow looks like it has a lot of potential too.


Agent orange is also 50:50. @dbrn32 @trizzle2011
GSC is indica leaning, but I enjoyed it, and kept the migraines away.
Og Kush was a good one. I have fire og in my cart currently. I have sativa seeds lined up for the next grow.


I’m a little under the weather today. Thanks for the tag and I’ll be more involved moving forward. I have sinus and ear infections and just started antibiotics.


had that a little while ago. couldnt hear for a month.

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I’ve had a few surgeries on my left ear so that makes me an easier target I guess. I’m in bed trying to take a nap, but I can’t breathe. Sucky

Damn, hope you’re feeling better dude. I’ve had ear problems my whole life, tubes 3 times, and several ruptured ear drums. It sucks!

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@dbrn32 Dude, I feel like we are a lot alike, lol. I had tubes and they had to reconstruct a bunch of cartilage in my left ear. Enough ruptured ear drums for 3 lifetimes, lol.

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It certainly seems that way! I remember just being miserable a costumed a year when I was little. For whatever reason they kind of went away for most of my 20’s, and For whatever reason I started getting them again about 8-10 years ago. Most of the time I can feel the pressure start to build up and get on something before it gets too bad. But there’s been times when the pain is unbearable.

I feel for you bro, wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

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That’s funny cuz I didn’t get any for like a 15-20 year period and now that I’m in my 30s and my kids go to school, I’m getting everything they bring home!

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I use the Emerald Harvest 2 Part plus their Sturdy Stalk and their CalMag. Very very good stuff. The quality of my buds is off the shelfs since i started using the Emerald Harvest.
Heres a pic of some buds i just harvested



Buds look great! Seems like too many bottles though, I’m hoping to go in the opposite direction.


Wow, wonder if one of us was adopted from the others family or something haha!

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Right?! Too funny. My brother from another mother (well…maybe, lol)!!!

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Well when you compare it to AN Full line up and all their additives, its less. Emerald Harvest is made by the dude who split with AN because of an incident and didnt not want to be part of it. He has perfected his recipee and with less bottles and it really shows in the plants.

I hear ya bro, for the record I have just as many. But working on a few things to change that. An doesn’t get a nickel of my money though.

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Yeah i wont use AN. Emerald Harvest is what i am sticking with for now. It does seem like alot of bottles but those 10 bottles have everything the plant could want/need in just 10 bottles, and the Emerald Goddess is a premium plant tonic that can be used as standalone nutrient through whole grow. Cant blame ya for wanting to get off the bottle tho @dbrn32

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I’ve heard canna base nutes were similar, enough trace elements to be used stand alone as well. I’m actually looking at mixing from dry powders. Haven’t quite been able to nail down every angle yet, but I’m getting very close. At the cost per dose of what I’m currently looking at, a few bottles won’t kill me if I need them.

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