2nd Grow (3rd Attempt)

So, this won’t be much of a follow-along grow journal as more of a reference and a question place.
Seed: Moon Walker
Lights: YGrow 600w(145w actual draw)
Medium: Natures Organic MG(when I transfer to a 3gal I’ll probably be in FFOS)
Grow Area: My Closet. Lol 4.5/4.5/7ish.

I dropped 1 seed of Moon Walker into plain purified water. I don’t have paper towels atm lol so i used the water cup method for starting germination. I’ll have some in an hour or so. Lol so nothings more to say. Just gonna let it soak for 24hrs then put into a soaked paper towel. Or am I supposed to go straight to soil? :man_shrugging:t2: I’ll figure it out. lol

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depend if you have a tail coming out of the seed after 24hrs. If so then you can go straight to soil. If no tail then I transfer to paper towel.

I never use the paper towel method, I always put it straight into a Rapid Rooter, or soil whether it has a taproot or not. I’ve never lost a seed.


I generally use paper towel method. If you go that route you want the paper towel damp not completely saturated. Then put in ziplock bag with some air trapped in it and place on top of cable box or something.


Using the paper towel method has worked well for me.
Once the tap root is 1/4"+ long…move to soil in a clear cup. When the roots are filling up the cup, move to final grow position.