2nd grow 2 weeks into flower



2 weeks into flowing all looking really well standing at 1.3 ft on the left and 2ft tall on the right still have 2 months to go and just had to move my light up higher to the top of tent. I have been slowing adding nutrients as needed by plant to keep 2 gallons of water in each 5 gallon bucket.


looking good :sunglasses::us:


%Dwc1989…Your ladies look really healthy. should be a good harvest.
mind if I ask why only 2 gallons in the 5 gallon buckets?


He needs to use smaller net baskets to allow more water and nutrients… :wink:



I use 4 gallons to start then around 2 week vegetation the roots are dipping down so I slowly pull the water back as the roots grow long till I’m around 2 gallons seems to be working better w this harvest and my roots are looking great! Also I use the big net pots because I put 3 plants in each net instead of just one. So In total I can plant up to 12 plants in my tent at one time ik starting my next 6 plants in about 1 month so I constantly have a harvest going: also am looking into building an Aeroponic clone system so I can start cloning and putting those clones into another tent so altogether I should have around 24 plants slowly rotating!


The plants do not need more water if your adding water each day to keep at 2 gallons your roots do not need to stay completely submerged. Plus when you have a lot of plants you need to try and stay the most costs friendly so using only enough instead of too much is way better then burning your plants. I also have 2 air stones that are 6 in by 2 in cylinders that keep the water aeragated and splashing the roots constantly


I only run neoprene collars and empty pots… no medie… lots of room for roots… I also drop my water level by 1 inch every 2 weeks…
Maybe I tag you into my old thread …its a good read and I still update every now and then… scroll to the top… :wink:



Sounds good peach fuzz yeah I’ve had two people say they do it like that w no medium if you can shoot me a pic of your setup


%Dwc1989…thanks for the information. Just a rubber collar sounds interesting.