2nd grow ! 1st one got lb and a half. Upgraded lights going for the moon!

That’s the duck foot mutation that was popular about 15-20 years ago. It seemed to fall out of favor (no reason, just the trend is chase the newest) rather quick. The claim was it didn’t look like cannabis in the casual glance. Like the urban balconies or suburban flowerbed. Stealth out in the open. Never tasted it myself so I cannot say. Seen it a few times in friends grow back in the day.

Anyway, I think dutch passion still has a cross with it. I think they call it freezing duck. I know better than to post a link to another seed site. But Google dutch passion freezing duck. I believe that’s what they call it.

Edit: Frisian duck. Ha not freezing duck, ha. Had to look myself.

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Ya I have styrofoam under the tent already, for warmth and my knees! I like the 40w bulb heater :+1:! I have a little heater already in my tent, works well enuff.

Awesome. So week two if flower for the farthest along etc etc … ty ty. Yes here is. A pic of the ones leaves

Looks like cal mag def feom pics online but none of tge others had it have it etc

Lights are kinda crappy. Ill go for better tomorow


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What a diff 3 days makes. Think my lst n s rog here os gonna be very very rewarding

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All the autos in flower. The runt who is now as bog as the others hasnt really started yet tho. Not mad tho. Let him bulk up a little lol :laughing:


Everything looks great

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