2nd grow, 1st Auto super skunk ILGM seeds


My first grow was WW fem, I never scaled them as any scales baggies etc escalates cultivation charges to selling in my state. But I filled 10 jars, even though I don’t think it was 10 ounces, as I ended up with light fluff in 4 of these jars, but I’ve since became aware of what caused that and have made corrections I hope lol.
I guess I’ll continue with my weekly update, first off I decided to try some LST, I ve looked at your training @Haildamaged, I believe you called it the bowl method, now my plants are 37 days along and are starting to stiffin up, but they were still pliable enough to bend out enough to open up center .
I did apply my second nute dose last night , I used all fox Farm at 1/2 dose in one gallon PhD water, got 6.3 after adding called/mag, tiger bloom, big grow and big bloom. Then I split that in half to each plant, so basically 1/4 strength feeding as I added another 1/2 gallon each of plain PhD water.
Now since then I have read @Screwauger that waiting on flower nutes untill around week 7 after strech, but keep up veg nutes up till then. I’m thinking that sounds like a proven method by him, but he’s in autopots and I’m in 5 gallon pots with happy frog soil.
I also have moved my flower time expatations out to 10-11 weeks.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinions, it is truly appreciated.:sunglasses:


You’re looking pretty good! You also have to consider that your plants in soil will continue to pull nutes from your soil as opposed to only what you give them. Most nute schedules will account for required nitrogen levels through transition. I would take a look at what you’re using and what manufacturer recommends and tweak from there.

I do have a question though… you have a tent which should be relatively easy to get light tight. If you’re looking for bigger yields per plant, why not just try photos with extended veg period?


I think I’m using nute schedule provided by fox Farm but I’ve mimimalized the amount and haven’t filled in with the other 6 or so they recommend, I am gun shy with nutes due to all the disasters I’ve read about in other grows due to nute burns, lockouts , over training etc on these temperamental autos, esp stunting them to minimum harvest results.
I did grow 4 WW fem, I vegged them 12 weeks then flipped . Total grow ran 200 days and still ended up disappointed with lighter fluffy weed, mainly due to grow room shape 2x8 ( closet) , not enough light control in room during shut down, didn’t oh water till flower, only in 2 gallons of soil etc,
But the main reason for autos this time was my coffers we’re empty, and @ 150.00 a week in smoke was and now is killing my paychk!
Plus the fact I can only get what my guy had on hand and I don’t like the sativias .
I think an autopots set up is coming for January grow, I’d love to grow two sets ups, one fem and one auto. But that’s felony charges here, so I need 6 oz autos every 3-4 months to maintain smoking needs with no gaps.
I’m not sure of all the specs I need to make a informed decision on what to buy or build for each plant to have it’s own light, I do know I’ve got no natural ability at wiring, or even what’s involved in producing them, is it worth building vs just buying them out right ready to hang.


LST is lookin’ great Randy. Sorry late getting here. Was on my at when my brother hit me up on the phone.


I got hit with the same no reply msg as you did last week after 3 posts.


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Thanks @OldSchoolGrower, I’m hoping this may increase the veg/preflower state there in, I watched a video yhe other day where a guy was defoliating the bottom and leaves blocking bud sites, but I’m not confident in that, so I think LST is as far as I’m going, along with some tucking, now got to run to store for wife before she kills me lol, I’ll b over to your grow here today and see what’s cooking😎


You need help with LST’ing hit me up. I got a PhD in LST?.


Yeah that restriction really pissed me off and I’m out if smoke, it truly is a silly rule


That would be great, I can get you better pics of them later for you to look over, would love to have your opinion.


Yeah because if you have three updates or have questions it sort of puts your thread on hold.


Just hit me up when you get back. I keep a window open and constantly check notifications.


Thanks buddy.




Just be gentle on the lst especially the further into the grow you get. One slight over bend and things go bad in a hurry. This branch would’ve made a nice bud if I hadn’t broke it. And it was in a spot I couldn’t even attempt to reattach it. :cry:


That sucks DoobieNoobie, how’s the plant recovering? Was that center cola?


Cigs bought and home thank God! Is there any way to post video on here in stead of still frames


I don’t think so. Unless you post it on YouTube then post the link to the video.


I’m kinda confused. You can grow 4 plants no problem but growing one in soil and one in something else is felony? I’m sure I’m missing something there…

Airy buds is pretty much light. I don’t really like to look at lighting plants. It’s much better to light your space properly and then it doesn’t matter what you do within your space. Most of the stuff diyer’s are messing with had potential to pay itself back within a grow or two. So should really be looked at as an investment. I can usually make them fairly simple to do with right components but you can also get just about all of the qb kits assembled from growerights if need be. If money is tight, there’s usually some savings in what you end up with building from scratch, you just have to make a decision as to what fits your needs and budget the best. In those situations I usually recommend seeing if we can do multiple fixtures to fit your space and building one at a time.

Same thing kinda goes with potentially looking doing hydro like grow. If your space permits, you can build a single plant dwc system for next to nothing. Biggest issue there is keeping res temps down. But you can probably move to something like a promix or coco medium and get a pretty good increase in plant growth too, and you can do that pretty much using all the stuff you already have.


No but it was a side shoot right at the top. So it would’ve been a good one.