2nd grow, 1st Auto super skunk ILGM seeds


All right we’re all done and munching away. Hope it gives me what I need lol


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Lol@DoobieNoobie I’ve eaten 9 of these mother fuckers lol
I’m am feeling a full body. Happy high very nice.
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Oh those cookies are funny. They look yummy though


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Happy Sunday , hope everybody’s grow is going well, nothing, I can tell you those cookies were about the death of me it was sure was good though.
just an update on the twin ladies here they really seem to have come into their own in the last couple of days almost a foot wide now on the front one and the back well she’s doing the best she can she’s come in at about 7 in wide
well with them being 25 and 24 days old I think I’m going to do some cleaning today on adding some new boots maybe but they really look happy and I’m really a kind of a hands-off just if they don’t need it don’t give it to them I’ve got fox farm big grow , big Bloom and the tiger bloomI’ll probably just post this question over and newts little bit later today but I’ll try to reading first and see what I can find out listen guys hav

e a good day and will talk to you later


They are looking great! Your doing wonderful with them :v:


watch the tiger bloom it is PH’ed real low it is like acid so you have to pH up it you got a while tho. lookin good


Well just want to update this journal, were moving right along and we have a new baby.
We’re at 28 days from sprout and 15 days in veg and I’m seeing strong flower signs I think lol .


Ok what’s the crazy shell thing? And is it alive? Lol kind of looks like a hermit crab leg sticking out. The colors from the light make it look pretty wild. And yep the top one definitely is starting. And of course last but not least what’s the new sprout?


Lol @DoobieNoobie that’s one of my ceramic good luck charm, that one is a snail.
The new baby is another ilgm auto super skunk, she was one of the replacement seeds.
Can’t wait for the flower to really kick in
Happy growing.


Yay ! I’m seeing flower too :+1: looking good. I carry around a good luck acorn.


Silly dog!


Well maybe this Diablo poison might calm her down lol


Well here’s an update on the twins, there at 34 days, and seem to be happy, I was getting some light burn as I hadn’t thought to raise the lights! They were at 12 inches, moved them up to 18 inches.
Gave first nutes 2 days ago, ffbg 1/2 strength. Both handled them well, will go full dose next feeding in 5 days, we’ll see how they do.
Girls are over a foot wide and tall, oh we’re also in flower now, gonna start some fftb after strech which I feel is on its way.


been watchn they look good man great grow going,

these are my skunks @77 day they are fems not auto’s i didnt veg them long tho didnt have room they were for my green house but i got a male and 2 clones there makin seeds


Those are some nice looking buds, I’d love to learn to make seeds, but I’m so limited in how many I can grow here, and my grows are providing enough to get us through till next grow, trying to solve that problem in the next 2 months these girls have left, I know you and Screwauger seem to really have a great success rate for Autos, I’d love to incorporate your all’s techniques
Into a 4 plant 24-30 oz grow, we’ll see, I’ve been making notes and coming up with a shopping list lol, going to need better lights I’m wanting to get with @dbrn32 to see my best options for this,I’m going to update more and tag people more to help in this plan hopefully that will help stabilize my journal.thanks @ Haildamaged.


yup if you need dyi lights @dbrn32 is your place… i got mabe 10 zips from 4 WWA i would say they were a 8.5 way better than avg but not top top good luck…

10 zips of solid nug and 10 zips of mid make budder grade and a few of fluff


Screwauger uses autopots which I believe are considered passive hydro system. Not meaning to take anything away from him as he is an excellent grower. But the rapid veg growth the autopots provide is surely a contributing factor to his success with auto plants. When you have limited veg time you kinda need all the growth you can get to pull big yields.

Happy to help with lights too when you’re ready. Also, I have you on watching now. I’ll be sure to drop by and comment regularly so you can post away lol.