2nd grow, 1st Auto super skunk ILGM seeds


All right we’re all done and munching away. Hope it gives me what I need lol


Dude I’d love to get high but those cookies would have me laughing long before the edible kicks in lol.


Lol@DoobieNoobie I’ve eaten 9 of these mother fuckers lol
I’m am feeling a full body. Happy high very nice.
They look like I stole them from a kids bday party lol


That made me nearly spew water out my nose from laughing so hard.


Oh those cookies are funny. They look yummy though


Haha least there not twerking!


Happy Sunday , hope everybody’s grow is going well, nothing, I can tell you those cookies were about the death of me it was sure was good though.
just an update on the twin ladies here they really seem to have come into their own in the last couple of days almost a foot wide now on the front one and the back well she’s doing the best she can she’s come in at about 7 in wide
well with them being 25 and 24 days old I think I’m going to do some cleaning today on adding some new boots maybe but they really look happy and I’m really a kind of a hands-off just if they don’t need it don’t give it to them I’ve got fox farm big grow , big Bloom and the tiger bloomI’ll probably just post this question over and newts little bit later today but I’ll try to reading first and see what I can find out listen guys hav

e a good day and will talk to you later


They are looking great! Your doing wonderful with them :v:


watch the tiger bloom it is PH’ed real low it is like acid so you have to pH up it you got a while tho. lookin good