2nd grow, 1st Auto super skunk ILGM seeds


Looks like your girl are enjoying life. Your doing great at keeping them happy! How’s your Grandma doing? Hope she’s feeling better. Happy growing :v:


Thank you Green Jewels, I’m trying to take care of them best I can, but being human and high alot lol I make mistakes, like I completely forgotten to pH there first soak through, yep!
Last grow I missed my plants in sog and I sprayed them with cat pellent!..I took them out if sog and washed them all down, it was a damn disater lol

My grandma is one tough lady, in rehab now and probably be there for several months, she’ll be back up and evil as always, I don’t devil wants her.


I’ve made a lot of human and high mistakes. Cat repellent :rofl: sorry but that’s funny. Sounds like something I’d do. A previous grow I had 2 , 2 months apart and accidentally fed the little one big girl nutes. I caught my mistake and did a mini flush. Got lucky on that one.


Well let’s hope we can stay aware lol, I’m just Rollin along plants doing well, 21days from sprouts, one is almost 8 inches wide, other @5 inches, but you never know what will happen during the stretch, happy growing all.

Grow journal no reply rule really?

All looking happy and healthy. Keep doing what ur doing (except missing pH :man_facepalming:t5::joy:)


Thought I’d drop a pic of my grow buddy…Weedy aka Mojo.


Awww, how cute. Funny, look who just came to see me as I sit in my grow room


Adorable, dogs are the next best thing to unlimited weed lol, I have Ava also shouldn’t leave her out, ! 15418033462401319461074|374x500 gcc


…dammit lol



Love mine, they’re spoiled. Great little mole and mice catchers.


I’m out of likes as usual. I don’t know how your journal wasn’t in my watched list but it is now. Yours look great. I still got one tiny runt in my 4 as well. But it’ll either grow or get left behind.


Oh yea people don’t realize how well dogs can chase critters down, when on the farm Ava had a litter of 6, so her and her estranged mate ( fatty) would get with the other 6 and chase down anything that moved like Velocirapptors lol. @ Green Jewel


I don’t know how to add peoples grow to a watch list but I’ll add you DoobieNoobie, you know mine are autos right so there taking off , I try to get around to everyone’s grows, but it m so damn busy all the time during the week, I guess I’ll make my rounds and dee what ur all up to.


I hear ya. Mine are autos to. That’s why I’m not gonna sweat it if the one won’t grow. Not going to slow the others down for it.


Ok decided to make some cannabutter sugar cookies.
No science here, no measuring, weighing, just Mason jar half butter, half sugar leaves low temp about 90 min stirring occasionally, the cool and into batter, then see what happens.


Lol strawberry “surprise” indeed


That is so funny. I have to find this cookie mix.


Getting grn.


Ok let it do its thing for a cpl hours.
I used coffee filters to strain
Squeeze the hell out of it ( hands washed)
Love that dark green oozing.
In freezer for 1/2 hour or so.
Mix is ready for butter!