2nd grow, 1st Auto super skunk ILGM seeds


Good Morning Sir,
I’m sorry to hear they did that to your wife, these doctors down here won’t give pain meds unless you use a pain management clinic, and if you have anything in your system ( weed) included they kick you out.
So my wife has never gone says she rather have the weed, it’s up to her of course but it’s ridiculous that it’s not prescribed in the first place let alone get u kicked out of program.
I hope your wife can find some relief somehow.
So far we’ve been able to buy the important stuff, to keep them feed right, and growing.
I hope your packages arrive on time and all.
I was waiting on my ppm pen sat from UPS one of those delivered by 8pm, (mother fuckers) I bet I went to look for it 20 times hobbilin around on this damn knee lol it was pathetic.
Waiting on big bloom,
Hey wanted to get your opinion on flush, I’m 2 weeks flower, my ppm 1420 (:rofl::joy::sunglasses:


Found this for you for autos. Hope it helps…

med-man method - feeding chart ppm/ec
hello folks

a great way to massive stinky yields and preventing powdery mildew and bug infestation and or root rot is keep your root zone salt build up free

this is my tried and true ppm/ec chart that will work best with my genes or anything else you are growing

clones / seeds -
week 1 - 140ppm / 0.2 ec
week 2 - 210ppm / 0.3 ec

At this point go feed feed flush. Feed feed flush etc

week 1 - 350ppm / 0.5 ec
week 2 - 420ppm / 0.7 ec
week 3 - 550-650 ppm / 0.8-0.9ec

bloom - transition
week 1 - 700ppm / 1.0 ec
week 2 - 800ppm / 1.1 ec

full bloom
weeks 3 - 5 (or more) - 800-900ppm / 1.2-1.3 ec

ripening (shock flushing)
15 days before flushing - 400-500ppm / 0.6-0.7 ec

15 days before harvest - 0-200ppm / 0.0-0.3 ec

shock ripening
at least 72 hours of pitch black and ice water. dehus on constant

less is more guys. pounding plants with ppms will stunt growth, stunt yield, lower quality, resin production, and send signals out to pests like pythium, powdery mildew and bud rot plus all the bugs you can name to come and finish them off. its how nature works. thos parasites are just waiting for the plants to call them in. and toxic salt build up is the #1 cause of all grow room related issues


Did you check UPS tracking? I track all my orders. Mine was on truck at 5 something this morning. Usually get delivers out here between 4 & 5pm.


Hey I like that chart thanks man looks like good advice to me, I lean towards letting nature do there thing, I understand giving them what we have to , we are creating there enviorment so no indoor will ever be truly organic so for convince I use nutes, so now I got them feed I have to get on top of helping take a good shit lol
Yep gonna flush, with man thanks for that advice,

I’ve got the upstairs app but they dont keep up and this guy will shove it in mailbox.
Which he did again,


Good info OSG!


My last order with my fabric pots must have been a new driver. Because the damn driver put the box on top of the mailbox out by the road. Anybody could’ve took it.


Thanks Missiles…


My wife informed me my post was gross, :poop::poop:.
Thank God she love me haha.


Day 51 update.
Girls are doing well, seemed to have come out of stretch and ready to start growing those buds we started all this for.
There at 34/31 inches, plenty of bud sites , over a dozen each, so that’s great.
There taking up my tent so I’m rotating them once a day
I was getting up to the high end on ppms 1550, so did mini flush and cleared them out to around 500 ppm, they get fed tomorrow and I’ll update there r/o.


Wow they look great


Your girls look wonderful! Your doing a great job with them.


Gonna be some nice buds on those ladies shortly.


They will start stacking soon and plumping up and you my friend will be smiling big!


Hey Hey everyone, hope your making it through this holiday season and your buds are big :sunglasses:
Wanted to update you on the girls, there at day 54 and I feed them yesterday, I decided to push them a little further with the nutes this time.
I know I was looking at going easier on the ppms and I’m sure that would be great and safe, and I wouldn’t be a nervous, but I need weight so after reading several journals of growers who push there’s I’ve went the other direction.
I feed 3/4 :fox_face: Farm trio and 5 ml calmag,and 24 hrs later no nutes burn and they have responded well, I’ve got some nice stacking going on and there reaching for the sky.
I was going to add the bloom trip to the mix but it seems I’ve past up the time schedule for the first two, but I still can use Cha ching so it’s ordered.
I plan on running these to 12 weeks if the plant let’s me, well see.
My R/O PPM 1900 and 2100
Well I’m at work with the easy job so I can catch up on your grows tonight :sunglasses:


Stellar garden my friend! Are those autos?


Yes sir ILGM Super Skunk and thank you.


Man our plants are so close together both age and status. Yours are starting to stack up as well.


Yep, just seen your post on your journal, they could be twins in the growth Dept, mine really packed on in the last 36 hours and I’m so happy!
Wish I had as many as you man, are you having the smell kickin in?


Oh man they are super stinky. If I leave my door open the whole house stinks in minutes lol. But it’s a really good smell.


I bet man I only have two and I can smell them outside the bedroom door, gonna have to add a filter I think, I’m in an apartment so u know how that can can go.!