2nd grow, 1st Auto super skunk ILGM seeds


Hello growers hope all has been well, I’ve decided to get my ass growing again, less than two jars left, I grew WW fem in a closet 2x8 was real pain in the ass and took forever, had some real issues with my first grow and even though I got about 8 Mason jars only 3 we’re of good thick buds while the rest was light and fluffy…I didn’t pH water till week 9 or10 , my temps were up/down etc, lousy trim job and no control over humidity levels etc… Well I don’t want to wait 200 days for another grow so hoping to have some better luck this time around, here’s my current set up.

32x32x7ft tent
600 watt Vispar
600watt Best a.( Not a real good one)
Two exhaust fans (10 in personal box type)
One 10 inch intake fan same as above
4 super skunk ILGM auto seeds
5 gallon smart pots
Soil mix 70% Fox farm happy frog, 20% coco coir 10%perilite,
Future nutes fftg,ffbb
Water PhD to 6.3-6.6
Cool mist humidifier for seedling stage and tent runs hot with the exhaust I have, will order a in line exhaust with a cfm 371 rating soon.
So seeds we’re in water for 14 hrs then transferred to paper towel 18 hrs ago, pots watered this morning and have center core of Coco to put sprouts in surrounded by ffhf.
Anyone with auto grow exp please feel free to give me a shout, or pull up a chair glad to have ya .think I have tent dailed in at 68-70RH and 84.
Glad to be here and thx for stopping by.



I’m sure the gnome will bring you better luck growing this time.


Set up looks solid but it’s gonna get real chummy in there when those plants get big


Yeah I’m concerned about that really, thinking of using tomatoe cages to Lst. Every seen that before, I’ve got to look into it.


Well there popping out finally, be 3 days this afternoon, going into coco center surrounded by ffhf, under Vipar 600 watt veg light @28 inches, hopefully be ready by morning


Well the didn’t want to wait till morning, so 3/4 in soil, holloween decor up all 20 dollars worth lol and a game of Cheaters Monopoly all n all a good Sunday.


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Taproots away!!! Best of luck with the new grow. Im set to lurking


Thx @PurpNGold74, would be glad to have you here, it seems like I’ve forgotten my first grow altogether some days lol, full of newbie fear still…lots of real time questions I need to catch up on, …like I just planted tap roots in fist size ball of coco coir sitting in the middle ffhf…concerned ffhf to hot , do u have any thoughts on this? Thanks again , PurpNGrow74

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That sounds smart. Ive never used coir. But if its like peat then its fine. I plant my pellets always. And ffof is definitely pretty hot for seedlings. Just take into account when your tryna decide when to start feed


Yep some people grow in straight coco coir, its sort of like hydro when it comes to adding nutes as it alone has almost no nutes, I did go with the ff happy frog vs the ocean forest HF is supposed to be cooler and hope fully the coir will buffer the seedlings for a cpl weeks before it reaches the ffhf, I went with the hotter soil to try to advoid having to add many mutes, I just finished looking up some ppm meters but still don’t have a clear understanding of there purpose short of telling you how many solvents are in your run off which I guess gives you a general level of how hot your soil is but maybe I got it wrong. Thanks a bunch.


That’s exactly what its for. Everytime you water or feed (after ur watering to runoff) or when your mixing to feed. Just check. Another set of numbers to help with monitoring the ladies. Not mandatory but if u use, definitely has a purpose


I made a super soil based off of sub cools mix back in July. I have used only PH’ed water with 5 ml cal-mag per gal, When i first watered to run off my blue labs pen would not measure it , i had to dilute it 50% to get it to read 4500 ppm. now on the biggest girls run off is still 2k and PH is 6.5 i love that all i do is make up 15 gal. of water w/ cal -mag and give what each one needs. I did have a few get in to the hot soil early and burned a little and 2 were showing signs of being nitrogen toxic so i flushed them and they are doing great . So now i have 80 gals of it cooking in my green house for spring and have 7 gals left from first batch, i did start 6 new WWA’s and have them in 2 gal with ffof with perlite topped with happy frog these are going to be sorta bonsi christmas presents

BTW best of luck to ya and as allway happy grown yall



I looked into adding living soil to this ffhf for a bit, it was advertised to make it possible to not have to add any bites but being a novice with only one grow I wasn’t confident I could correct it things went south,I grew WW fem earlier this year in ffhf and got good results but no nutes is a future goal I’d like to try.
In the mean time I’m just going to do the ff trio, but not sure if I need the cal mag as I use city tap water. Think I’ll invest in a ppm pen, didn’t use one last grow, and I really like my new pH pen so might as well get the other, probably be doing a soak through in a cpl weeks. Thanks for stopping in @Haildamaged,

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my tap water is PH 8.1 and has PPM of 40 so i add cal-mag to give it a little somthing


Ok my tap is 7.6 don’t know ppm, but I thought the ffhf would have that in its soil, but the more I read the more it seems ff seems to fall off in a month, don’t know this to be fact , heck maybe most commercial soils do the same thing, I’ve also heard cal mag in low does can’t really hurt anything , so your opinion is you add it to give the water some minerals because of the low 40 reading on your ppm, if I’m understanding correctly.


yes that sir is why i add cal-mag full dose is 8 mil per liter i stay at 5 mil. and i also have muti stages growing so seedlings /those in veg and flower all get same water from start to finish . subcool says he does not even PH anymore just hose end water and no flush at end of flower. he claims all his guru buddys say his smoke has unreal flavors,


Well its been a crazy and a disappointing one as 2/4 seeds didn’t pop up. So tolling with these two, I’ve got some more seeds around here someplace I’ll find and drop some more.



Well had crazy week, my 86 year old grandmother fell down an escalator at the airport, 300 stiches , broken arm and Vertebrae, looks like shell recover with time.
Hope everyone’s grow are going well, my mutant seedlings seem to be growing out of there strangeness, I want to let everyone know that ILGM responded to my email concerning the problems I had with that batch of seeds and mailed me out replacements quickly and without any problems!! Gonna get them soaking soon,