2nd Gen Plants about to come down soon

These girls look ugly but they are all cut stems from thier parent plants I grew last year. Cut 6" stems, rooted and they grew amazing, then a few months ago my plants got infested with spider mites and effectively lost the crop after treating with organic treatments. It killed all of the spider mites as well it also killed the bud in about 36 hours, all of it was completely brown and unsmokable.

I was devastated, but the plants were still alive so I slammed them with UREA 46-0-0 and was able switch the plants back to veg mode where they regrew in a hurry. Here they are today, smelly and potent AF. My neighbors love it as we all smoke together :wink:

I have trimmed about 1lb off the trees over the last month or so, and harvested my SkywalkerOG which is in vac bags now.

All thats left is pure Durban Poison.


You went through quite a lot to get to this point, well done.

Yea I did, these forums were key to securing the knowledge I didn’t have to treat and care for them while dealing with the impact of the bud browning so suddenly.

Incredible learning experience and I can tell I’m doing something right because the weight that is coming off these plants far exceeds my first season.

Having to never buy weed again has been such a great saver. Best part is I know exactly what I am smoking as well, no questions. 100% organic from seed to harvest.


Great save my friend. You are correct The knowledge on this forum will help you overcome ant bumps in the road. I haven’t even got completely set-up for my first indoor grow and this forum has helped me tremendously in preparing my set-up. Have grown quite a bit outdoors as a guerilla grower though. Got tired of loosing over half my crop so, I decide to give this indoor thing a whirl


I am going to growing on my lanai 100% from now on, with now 3 1200w MS\LED lights year round. Gotta love great year round weather.