2nd ever grow, grizzly purp and white widow outdoor off grid


Sounds like a very good haul, @HighDesertFarmer! Congratulations! I hope the meds last you into next summer so you can get that second crop going!


Congrats on harvest. I too had to harvest half my crop early due to bud rot and I too use it to manage pain. Mine is service related injury resulting in Spinal Stinosis. I like knowing 100% for sure what I am smoking.


The making of green dragon tincture base with shake and trim.

Been in the freezer since harvest.

Not a bad sized pile. 20x13 baking sheet.

Nice and flat for baking.

Next topped with all stems I saved, because CBD.

I use everclear 190 proof for the soaking. Fun fact my secret bday shot when I turned 21 was Tobasco + Everclear. You know something is wrong when they hand you the shot and take a step back.

After baking an hour

Chopped up stems and put in bottom.of 1/2 gal amber mason jar.

Getting ready to roll a cheech and chong…haha. j/k.
Transfer of remaining shake atop stems

Post mason transfer, not much headroom.

Everclear time. I am short, wife dispatched for additional handle.

Some of the shake sorta gelled and stuck. Scraped off into a jar for smoking later.

Next step is wait 3 weeks.


interesting. When I make RSO I agitate the trim in a 5gal food grade bucket with isopropyl for about 15 minutes to extract the resins. Does soaking for 3 weeks make a noticeable difference?


Hmm I would have to do quick and dirty with isopropyll to compare.
I do not like using isopropyl because it is denatured and I use mine for tinctures etc. Have to heat it and I am afraid of explosions. :slight_smile: