2nd ever grow, grizzly purp and white widow outdoor off grid

Oh yeah! A little fear of god never hurt anyone haha.
Maybe the few nibbles will make em work harder.

Heat stress on the runt widow.
Soil a bit dry…another semi clogged emitter.


45m later after giving 3 gallons she looks remarkably improved. Water. It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even snacks

1 hour later. Full recovery.

The caterpillar hunt continues. Always be vigilant.

I apply a preventative weekly Bt dose just because those suckers are so hard to find sometimes.

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Those are like chameleon caterpillars :rage: and blend in with the buds!

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Agree BT is great. Used it last year with great success.
I even have a big bottle somewhere for my commercial crop…lost it! Too much of a cheapskate to replace it…til now. Gotta get ontop of this caterpillar issue for sure.

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Seriously @MattyBear they take so long for me to find.

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Nasty critters you got there! It finally makes me appreciate my indoor tents… just when I outgrew one of them, and hardened up a plant to grow out on the deck. Hmm. I’ll keep bringing it inside to sleep at night, but I’ll pay closer attention to make sure I’m not bringing in any of those nasty things!

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The fight goes on. This guy was smaller than some pistles!


Yikes. I don’t think I ever would have spotted that! :scream:

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The battle is real.
Today I picked off 3 major sized ones. She is showing some battle scars. Got paid, am now grabbing BT.

Huge bugger. How did I find him? Saw the damage from 5 feet away :frowning:

Second largish one.

Not so large, but its not like Im waiting for them to get ripe to pick.


Damage to grizzly purp.

The weirdest thing is they are ALL flocking to the same plant. I suppose it would be nice if that somehow reduced pesting time but I still check all of em!

I thought this was really neat. An 11 leaved leaf from a runt widow. I knew this plant was lucky!! I may press one of these. :slight_smile:


New update. Time marches on.

A widow

Another widow

Another widow

A runt widow

Grizzly purp, really filling out.


Looking good bud :v:

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Well, I am trying to clone the grizzly purp.
Monster crop through winter maybe. We shall see.

3 cuttings in 3 pucks floating in styrofoam.
2 extra cuttings in the end just because.

Stems poking through, bubbles bringing air. I think it is ok.


I would keep a little distance between the stems and the water or you could get stem rot. :v:

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Things are going well I suppose. Constant fight of clogged drippers. Ended up pulling every single pressure compensating dripper and using flag drippers which are maintsinable commercial drips. The slope is slight enough I should not have an issue dropping the pressure compensation.

I have made a personal decision to cut off my dispensary spending until I can smoke my own. As I am currently out of smoke, it is gonna be a loooong 2 months til harvest + cure.

Caterpillar battle is unending but I got this I play tower defense keep sendin yer units.

White widow 1, largest unmodified

A widow, LST’d

A widow FIM’d but I cannot tell. Maybe I FIM’d the FIM.

A runt widow, chugging along

Pride and joy seed from first grow. My tower I defend. LST

Another month to go…dyin over here.
Lost my microscope so gotta order another obe.
Have no boveda packs yet but I got time.


Do a little lollipopping so you can have a bit of smoke in the interim or make some friends in the hood :joy:

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Not enough firearms to walk into the hood over here…lol.

I was interested in doing 2 harvesta though to let the popcorn fill out. Lollipopping sorta seems the opposite yea?

Pix update

A widow. Some older leaves are yellowing in thr center. Harvest on horizon

The LST white widow. I will always do LST outdoor after this test. So many mains.

A white widow

A runt widow…has this crazy crown that just developed. Or maybe a cape? Lol

Pride and joy.

Can I just say the smell is killing me? My nursery door opens facing the cannabis also the direction wind comes from…drool…


Those look amazing. I know what you mean about the smell. The vent from my tent goes under my porch and seems to waft up right by my front door! (Good thing we’re legal here.) I love the smell when I come home.