2nd ever grow, grizzly purp and white widow outdoor off grid


Good evenin all.
A bit of an update. I have released the hounds and pulled off the bottle. I mist them quite often throughout the day and drag them all into the direct window sun at noon.

I have cracked the windows and have let in the nice constant breeze to help with stem strengthening.

Here is their home under the window and T5 light for now.

The one with one cotyledon leaf is actually putting out, i see it!

The others seem to be coming along well just at different rates.

My pride and joy grizz purp is leading but is expected at a week older.

All seems well. I have begun the nutrient schedule at quarter strength as per my feeding schedule…two pinches per 750ml lol.

I am also prepping their forever til harvest home outside in a fenced area. Goats and llama protection.

I am digging holes about 18in diameter 2 feet down, to get some fabric pots to ground level when full.

I dug a bit befire my dang back gave out so my lovely wife hopped right in and shoveled with me.
We got two dug before dark hit. The window of cool weather with daylight is short in the summer where we are. A couple a day will have this all ready for the ladies when they are needing the homes.

Thats all for this update! Planning on figuring oit hardening off process and shade next.


The plants look great, and they are going to love their forever home that you are preparing for them! That looks lovely, and they certainly aren’t going to suffer for lack of sunshine!


Good mornin! Locusts descended last night as they move through and by golly they got through a cracked nursery window. Horrifying pictures ahead.

Sprayed the babies with some neem oil and an organic quadricide in the form of essential oils. All hoppers froze in confusion as I wiped them all away.

Need to get ahold of somethin to keep them at bay. No way I lose this fight before it starts…wait…it started. Arm thyself!

I was inspecting the 3 seeds I had sitting there and they were visible to light. They aint gonna get places without somwthinf to push against so i tossed a handful of soil ontop and today theyve sprung.

7 have leaves and are up and up. I hope this all co tinues well. :slight_smile: It is good practice to baby your plants.
So far I have caught a light distance issue, moisture issue, a plastic cup hitting a leaf and squoshing it, and now a locust invasion…and my plants are still babies!


Yikes! Good luck keeping those vermicious knids at bay!



All seems well with the babies so far. The two newest seeds werent doing anythinf withour cups, so I added domes again and today they have unfurled and also are growing!

Noting to self that seedlings need dome time until after first leaf set is out and cotyledons are flopping down.

All the plants together.

Added a second light. Had a bit of a time figuring out how to hang it without touching the other light. Fish chocolate cube mold to the rescue hah.

Some detail pics of each minus dome newlings.

My prode and joy.

Guess ill be callin this one limpy. Still alive and growing sloooooowly.

A White widow

Another white widow

And another white widow

Their outside home is near ready and may be just in time. All holes are dug and 10gal bags sunk. Need to now get a tarp and make my soil mixture.

I also have the fence for a shade canopy for transplants and will journal that soonish. They will need it with the weather we have had.


Everything looks great. They are really going to grow when they move out into that sunlight!.. after hardening off.


Yes! Excited to get them hardened off and outside where they can really get started.
Have a roll of burlap bein delivered tomorrow for a wind break and a shade. I am not responsible enough to slowly increase exposure at same time daily so I have to cheat a bit.


It’s not irresponsible to be organized and systematic about your grow. The burlap windbreak and shade sounds like a great idea.


Let’s have a moment of silence for a white widow seed, who no longer need mourn.





I am hoping the cost of shade structure makes up for itself in yield. It is very cheap, and sourcing this for my smoke has given me a source for burlap for farm too. excellent.

$35, One roll of burlap 3 feet tall 150 feet long

$35, 50 feet of fencing, 2x4 grid 4 feet tall

Casts a shadow without the top…may need to double up on the top to ensure shade during high noon.

A $3 hot glue gun with some gorilla glue sticks holds burlap to fencing just fine.


Limpy died.

This grow is off to a sad start. Having a bad feeling about all this but I hope we will pull through.
Putting final touches on their outside homes and soaking their transfer soil and will be transplanting thus weekend.


The four widows

Grizzly purp (my pride and joy / baby / gen2)

Widow 4, the runt plant

Another widow

Another widow

Last widow

Some fly tried to hide. Went to flick it off but my breath blew its already dead body away. Cool. The quadricide oil plus neem is working.

All in all they seem healthy, though stomach is in knots about transplanting…always is.


Wondering if it is the right time to start fimming or LsT bending for my grizzly purp. Readin readin…


I am not an expert, but it looks like you’re past the fourth node 3-fingered leaves, which meant that the plant should be ready for fimming. I’m less familiar with LST. And honestly, my attempt at fimming didn’t go swell, and I ended up just topping.

And don’t give up on that runt. Tonight I divided my plants into two tents, and my little runt made the cut for the big-girls’ tent, so she and one other plant got super cropped tonight. (Before the super cropping, the former Miss Runt was 17" and bushy, whereas two plants that were previously ahead of her measured at 15" and 13’ inches tonight.)

Good luck!


The battle against bugs is pitched and they havent even been kicked outside yet.

Grizzly purp

A white widow

Another white widow

Another white widow

The widow runt. Was LSTing itself lol. Added support.

The row of shade houses is done for transplanting.

Had to guy them with rope. Next time I may just run another fence alongside them instead. Shade cloth is hard to have hanging horizontally though without support. Found that out last year.
They withstood last nights 40mph winds, I hope they hold up to 60.

The white powder on the plants is ditomaceous earth, it is an organic pesticide. Dries them out.


I fought off some bugs with DE as well, and it worked well. It’s probably easier to use indoors than outdoors. Good luck with the battle! DE is good stuff.


Okay well, all plants are in the ground. Finished about 20m before the biggest rainstorm of the year poppped up outta nowhere. I hope they lived…haha.

All the gals in a row. A good feeling to finally transplant even though I am behind.

Getting ready to install all plants.

Doing a root check. Great news all plants were ready to go in ground.

Even grizzly purp in 3 gal pot has seeker roots. The 3gal clump shattered right as it was lowered. It lived.

Widows at home

Widows at home

Widows at home

The widow runt keeps on keepin on

Grizzly purp, with DE sprinkled around it. Did the same to all girls

Of course as we finish an intense wind picks up that rips my cages up and risks death. Emergency double layer of wind break. Cya burlap roll.

Installed and ready to be outside.

Rainstorm at sunset, as we finish.

Bought complete nutes kit from bergman plantfoods. Mixed the bug repeller and sprayed it on all ladies. Also dropped a DE ring. Hope this gives em a fighting chance. Dont know if i fertilize them now or what. Wohoo! Transplant successful.