2nd ever grow, grizzly purp and white widow outdoor off grid

Theyre aliiiiive.

It has been one week and new growth is finally showing up! I am considering adding nutrients but am a biy worried if I’m honest.

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I’m not familiar with outside grows, but I would think that it’s a little early yet for nutes. Good luck!

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If the round baby leaves have shriveled up, it’s a good time to start nutes. Do half strength at first to see how girls react.

Looking good by the way!

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I cut a sort of flap in the front of the enclosures allowing to roll and expose to sun. Will gradually add more to ease them in. The high desert sun is a bit intense right now!

A widow

Another widow. It does have droopy leaves but I had just watered.

Another widow

The widow runt got accidentally LST’d during watering this a.m. Doing well otherwise.

Purposeful LST on my grizzly purp.

A closeup of the tie system made from pipe cleaners; every smoker should have handy.

Going well so far. Had a scare when my main guy line slacked up and I came out to 2 of my cages crushing widow 2 and 3. No damage but scary!

I have started feeding just today at a micro dose.
A capful of bergmans food to 2 gal of water. It calls for 1 liter so this is 1/8 strength I guess. Also dont have a gram scale and the instructions call for 1 gram per liter. If anyone knows the density let me know haha.

To do:
Watering: I need to hook up and set my dripline so I have have an easier time.of it. My cages do not lend to hand watering.

Cage removal: Cages gotta go soon so they can absorb every dang photon possible. Still need a top shade for this intense sun out here though…

Feeding translation: Gotta get a sub gram scale or figure out density of the foods so I can use a volumetric measure…call me crazy bergman shoulda lent me his conversion notes :slight_smile:


Pic of the flap. Cut a square on 3 sides with scissors leave the top for a hinge. Rolled it up and secured with an office pinch clip.

Wind is getting strong but holding up. Surprised actually. 2 staggered burlap layers can break 65mph winds.


These girls are LOVING outside now.

A widow, with too small of a port.

A widow, after I enlarged the sun port.

Another widow

Another widow

A runt widow. Big enough I felt comfy cutting a sun access panel for her too.

Grizzly purp, LST has caused development of a new main :slight_smile:

Applied bug juice from bergmans in a foliar spray to continue keeping bugs at bay.

Need to order pH strips so I can test soil and water pH for nutruent availability.


Hmmm grizzly purp tried flowering on me. Possibly stress of transplant and LsT.
Hope this doesnt trigger her to start flowering all over or can kiss this grow gbye!

Some odd colored spots on a single older widow leaf

Is that burlap causing too long of a dark period?

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Drop just looks like nutrient splashed on it

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I think we are of the same thought on false dark period. I noticed today a dark shade way too early. Theyve been in burlap for 2 weeks to adjust…I just ripped off the covers. Sink or swim girls!


Everything is going great. Removal of shades was best decision ever. In thr future they will be used for break in period/hardening off only.

A white widow

LSt worked so good i said why not. Stems are still flexy as a gymnast.

Another widow, FIM’d

The runt widow, still hanging in there.

Grizzly purp, LST had dramatic effect.


5 gallon bucket to garden hose controlled drip conversion.

I hate timers. I can never get batteries in the fancy ones, the dials get stuck on the mechanical timers, and no power for the really fancy sprinkler stuff.

5 gal bucket $3 (walmart)
3/4" Brass long spigot $14 (ace)
2 gph pressure comp Drip fittings $4 (ace)
O rings $1.5 (ace)
Clamp nut x2 for 3/4" pipe thread $1.5 (ace)

I cut the bottom of the bucket out with a 3/4" bit, then heated it up with a torch. Threaded spigot in with teflon tape and other clamp nut.

5 gallon bucket with spigot connected to drip tube and 5 outlets/plants.

Bucket hangs on t post and pierces thru windbreak, draping to ground and then 5 drip points.

Drip tube hooked up and delivering 1/5 of whatever I add to the bucket.

The drip tube conversion. Small in line particle screen helps filter any baddies to prevent clogging like last year.

Watering nutrients weekly right now with spot pure watering as needed for abnormal dryness or heat stress.


That’s a great DIY watering job my dude! Love it :v:

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Hey thank you much @MattyBear ! ,Also happy ilgm birthday :wink:

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Thanks, and it’s my actual birthday! 35 today… stay cool in the desert :v:

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Oh even better ! Happy true birthday then mate. Ill be smokin an extra joint because I mean…its your birthday!

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Nice! I’m getting down on some Maui myself :v:

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Well thry are going to flower. Nothing I am able to do at the moment.
Maybe pull some cuts for a monster crop in a couple of weeks to keep for winter? Not really sure…

Truly bummed the seed obtaining cost me a over months time. If they were cheaper I would have been able to order sooner.
Planning is hard when youre a newbie.

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