2nd ever grow, grizzly purp and white widow outdoor off grid

Tiny bits of dark brown are on random spots on different plants.
Normally I would say oh wow the rain screwed me, however, the brown are all on exterior tips of flower. The part that experiences the least moisture and dries first…odd.

Pinched the brown off where seen.
Harvesting tonight I guess. Ah well!
At least mother nature helped with a nice nute flush.

Grizzly purp plant, all of it.

Some scum from one. This is why I h202 wash. Nasty nasty brown. So many live caterpillars.


After reading a bit on bud rot my fears are a bit alieviated. Lessened I suppose.
H202 hydrogen peroxide kills the spores of the rot. People that burn the rot plant and dispose of it do so to limit spread of spores. As I just experienced its beginning near harvest, I will be harvesting to nip the problem…in the bud.

Although I am annoyed I am harvesting before octobers end, I will not lose my yield to this rot. It is my medicine, and I need it. Hoping strength will not be devastatingly low.

Can always take another advil, but if you have none to take…well, youre screwed.

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A closeup of a bud from grizzly purp.


Running the dehumidifier in the nursery where bud is hanging to bring the RH down. Sitting at 73 RH in the mold zone is unacceptable.
Dehumidifier running 1 hr has dropped it to 68. A few more points and mold will not be an issue for environment anyway.

2 plants hanging. Will grab the rest as I can.


That bud looks pretty sweet, and it looks like you have quite a few of them. I hope you have some good meds! Good luck with the rest of the harvest!

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Safe zone achieved.

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Rain starting up again after a semi cloudy day. Guess I am sorta forced to harvest these…cannot risk anymore rot or mildew or anything.

Am now short a hanging rack, and space.

Remaining three plants harvested, washed, hung to dry.

One widow laid out. Not bad.


Sorry you had to harvest early. That looks like quite a haul though!

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Congratulations on your harvest. Sorry about the bud rot, but it’s not your fault. Nothing you can do about the weather.

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Thanks @raustin and @WonkaMan !
I am pleased with yield, as it was much better than last year.

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Oh horray my usb microscope arrived today so I can check if my plants are ready to be harvested…oh wait…


Dried trimmed and canned for curing. RH is balanced in jars right at 58

Grizzly purp x1 yield 6 ounces
White widow x4 yields 13 ounces

Trim: 3 gallon ziplocks packed full and frozen for use later
Dry smoke: half an ounce to smoke now mixed ww and grizz purp

I got about the same as last year. However last years weights were rough and I fat fingered the scale with all leaves and branches on. This year the numbers is of nice manicured smokables.

After doing my maths at 2 grams a day habit or dosage this will last me approximately 40 weeks. Dispensary pricing puts me at saving almost $6,000. And yes, I spend that. This is why I am growing my own. It is my actual medicine. I compare this number to $2000 on opioids and a hard lean towards kidney failure.

Although I got started over a month late I still came out with an acceptable yield. Next year I will grow enough to last me over 12 months.

Thank you everyone who watched this journal, provided insight and likes and comments. Things like that really help us newbies see it through.

@raustin , @WonkaMan

Highlighting isssues:
1.5 months late to sprout (ilgm lag / customs issue)
Caterpillar infestation (never ended)
False flower triggered by shade
Continually clogged drippers / watering system
Bud rot began, harvested 3 weeks early.


Congratulations on a great harvest, despite the problems. Your next grow will be even better.

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Sounds like a very good haul, @HighDesertFarmer! Congratulations! I hope the meds last you into next summer so you can get that second crop going!

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Congrats on harvest. I too had to harvest half my crop early due to bud rot and I too use it to manage pain. Mine is service related injury resulting in Spinal Stinosis. I like knowing 100% for sure what I am smoking.


The making of green dragon tincture base with shake and trim.

Been in the freezer since harvest.

Not a bad sized pile. 20x13 baking sheet.

Nice and flat for baking.

Next topped with all stems I saved, because CBD.

I use everclear 190 proof for the soaking. Fun fact my secret bday shot when I turned 21 was Tobasco + Everclear. You know something is wrong when they hand you the shot and take a step back.

After baking an hour

Chopped up stems and put in bottom.of 1/2 gal amber mason jar.

Getting ready to roll a cheech and chong…haha. j/k.
Transfer of remaining shake atop stems

Post mason transfer, not much headroom.

Everclear time. I am short, wife dispatched for additional handle.

Some of the shake sorta gelled and stuck. Scraped off into a jar for smoking later.

Next step is wait 3 weeks.


interesting. When I make RSO I agitate the trim in a 5gal food grade bucket with isopropyl for about 15 minutes to extract the resins. Does soaking for 3 weeks make a noticeable difference?

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Hmm I would have to do quick and dirty with isopropyll to compare.
I do not like using isopropyl because it is denatured and I use mine for tinctures etc. Have to heat it and I am afraid of explosions. :slight_smile:

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