2nd ever grow, grizzly purp and white widow outdoor off grid

I am a high desert farmer with a small organic vegetable farm that is 100% off grid. This is my 2nd ever attempt at growing cannabis for medicinal consumption for personal benefit. I am growing from seed as that is how I personally do it at my farm for vegetables and herbs and that is what I am comfortable with.

My first ever grow/harvest of 2017 lasted me 6 months before I had to go back to dispensary purchasing. Not bad at all and I am very excited to give it a try this year.

Continuing with the theme of being difficult we are off to a rocky start…In the future I am setting a “seeds in hand” dead line of late april.
I ordered the complete beginners seed pack from ILGM to the tune of $160. Lots of insanity back and forth between banks etc etc before order even got through. Then I got the seeds package…seized and destroyed by customs. Very worried that i will be reliant on dispensaries again for another year or until i can get indoor setup.

No confidence in receiving purchased seeds so I pulled out my 1 seed obtained from first harvest and put it in a 2 gal bucket in soil. It worked. The seed is growing great so far.

Just 2 days later looking incredible.

I have rigged this small growing area on the floor for now.

Another go around with ILGM re shipped seeds and long story short received 20 white widow fem June 18th. Persistence paid off! I am so happy right now.

I am planting 5 of the 20 seeds as it is now late and i am worried that if I plant more it could be a “waste” not sure but i am willing to throw 25% of my seeds at a grow even if it is very late.

I dropped the seeds in soil and am beginning the germination process.

Happy to be able to begin this grow journal with more than a single seed. I hope that my previous experience hopes me have a successful grow that puts last years to shame :slight_smile:

Appreciate ILGM for re sending seeds quick like.
Overall tume lost to “bureaucracy” is 3 weeks. Ugh! Next year, I will have it all ready. Or if I consider indoor, I am right on schedule. Hah!


Your off to a great start, keep it organic all the way. Heres hoping you can harvest more than enough to last the whole year@HighDesertFarmer.

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Great photos! I look forward to more as your girls grow. Six plants should be a lot. Are they all going to be outside, eventually, or are you going to give the indoors a whirl, as well? (I’m just wondering about your growing season. Where I live, it starts getting cold in late August [at night], but I realize that most of the US isn’t like that.)

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Picked up a cheap LED grow light for my seedlings to hold me over til i can get a bigger one. As i will be doing outdoor anyway this is just to help with my sense of mind to ensure theyre as big as they can be by soil time.

My first plant seems to be doing well. The 5 seeds I planted have cracked beneath the soil.


That looks like one healthy seedling.

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Two of 5 white widow have broken the soil. Soil disrupted in other 3. Soon I hope to have 6 little ones ready for care.

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First seedling is doing well, slight turning up of leaves. One leaf was hitting side of plastic bottle so may be the cause.


Looking great so far, @HighDesertFarmer. Keep up the good work!

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Seedling has been granted a larger cloche.
Looks nice and fat leaves. Stem is a bit thin, need fan ASAP or they will never survive 80mph winds.

First seedling, misted and then thwacked.

The rest of the White widow seeds. 3 are up and up, 1 is popping, 1 has done nothing visibly above soil.

The 2 lights are on a semi ridgid schedule of 18 hours on. I flip em off at 11pm and with the sun rising at 4am here, it slowly gets brighter until 6 when I get up and switch them on. Actively searching for my 24h timer I bought for this purpose.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

4 up and 1 is a no show. Believe one seed may not be sprouting.
All the others are great.

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Give it time, the other seed just may may still pop.

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This morning my first seedling looks incredibly different.
Leaves are angling up towards the sky. Edges are tilting in slightly.
Have kept them misted. Soil is sorta moist. Light is a 24w fluorescent T5. distance pinky to thumb away from plant, maybe 6 ish inches.

I have been reading possibly light burn or heat stress? Cannot find a good distance for light for exact setup, so just went with close ish.
Am adjusting light distance to at least a foot away.

Good to see you back! Good luck with this years grow :v:

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Came back in after searching for light rigging stuff and after raising light just 2 inches the plant has recovered. Alright then.

Also noticed a lil garden spider taking a tour. Keep those bugs down little dude.


Thanks MattyBear, looking forward to be, and it is good to be back around :slight_smile:

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First one doing swell.

Cell damage?

One is barely growing with a single leaf one has yet to pop. Put 2 more seeds in to pop we shall see.
This grow is cutting it close.

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I had a plant that started off very strange, just a cotyledon for a long time while all the others had single-finger, regular leaves, but eventually she grew some weird leaves, and eventually really normal leaves. So don’t give up on the little ones just yet. That first plant looks lovely though!

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Sorry no idea how I missed these questions!
All are going outside.
My plants last year got snow a couple times but did alright. I harvested early and will do mid to late October if I can. We will see.

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