2nd crack at it gro journal

Hey! I’m starting this super late if y’all care to join me for the end of the ride. But since I was only “taking a crack at it” it never occurred to me to start one. But now, I’m hooked. :grin:
Long story short:
Currently have 3 females
2 are going in to 2nd week of flower
Planted in Miracle Grow in 5 gal buckets, one pot
In my neck of the woods it has been raining non stop and super humid
About 2 days before I noticed trichomes, I gave them nitrogen rich generic fertilizer trying to perk up a hungry looking mama
She greened right up!

The top of my skinny minnie:

The top of the fullest one:

And that’s where we stand folks!
Can I go ahead and give phosphorus and potassium right away?
Thanks for reading!


With Miracle Grow for soil you may want to stay away from anything until that’s depleted. Usually it’s not a good choice for this.

Your plants look happy and healthy but remember that Nitrogen needs to go away eventually during flower. The plant is in it’s final life stage when you harvest and they’ll have lots of deficiencies showing.

Just look at the overall character of your plants; if they look happy keep doing what you’re doing. But let the leaves start to yellow soon (2 or 3 weeks.)


If you do feed with nutrients start with half strength and work your way up to keep from getting nute burn

Thanks @ThcinKC! All advice is welcome and appreciated!

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@Myfriendis410 @ThcinKC

Since I’m estimating harvest around Sept. 21 ish, I don’t think there will be enough dark for a 12/12 schedule. Should I cover them during the day and at what point should I start?
In other news, my plants are looking mighty fine :grin:

You should be okay just watch the weather and you should be okay

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@Myfriendis410 @ThcinKC and anyone else?

This has been the wettest summer I can remember and the humidity is always out of control. 94% today, sweating my arse off.
My daily inspection has me the tiniest bit alarmed.
The first thing I noticed was this one wilted leaf

So I turned the cola over and looked. There was a little bit of white webbish looking stuff in the middle of the leaves and a couple of tiny dried up leaves near the bottom.

Does this look like the beginnings of bud rot to you or am I just being paranoid?
No sun here, just rain until Thursday. :cloud_with_rain: Damn rain.

Oh yeah! Did a soil test today for Ph
This plant was 6.5
Bushy plant was a 7
Tomorrow doing a runoff test for NPK

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It looks like a fungus or mildew for sure. The only thing you can do outside is treat the whole plant and remove all affected plant material. Wear gloves, don’t touch the plant and remove to a safe location. Peroxide might work, copper soaps can be used but your going to fight that crap until humidity gets below 50%. If you can get more airflow that can help and selective leaf removal to increase airflow may help.

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I actually thought about a fan! What do I treat with? I didn’t think I should put anything on them when they’re in flower?

Get a fan on those you can make a spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide and ph water there’s a master Gardner on YouTube that explains how to make that and use it. But i don’t know what to say to help you out because 94% rh is like sand in your underwear. I’m Worried that if your weather stays like that how are you going to prevent bud rot I’m sure it’s raining off and on all the time and it’s going to be a battle with keeping fan’s on them and not shorting out the fan’s from all the moisture in the air and rain.

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Got a fan on them this morning. Hubs set up a pop up tent over them and the fan so the rain won’t get to them. Snipped off the offending bud and crossing my fingers! No other plant material or bud is showing any signs at all, thank goodness! I think I might wait to spray the plant with the peroxide solution though. After I snipped the bud I brought it inside for closer inspection. When I disturbed the white substance, there were tiny black dots inside and now I’m wondering if it was just a wee little spider.
NPK runoff test later.
Wish me luck!

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@Myfriendis410 @ThcinKC
More questions than answers. I’m really beginning to think I have a pest problem :disappointed_relieved::sob:

This is Skinny Minnie. She is the one I snipped the bud from. Now THIS

Guys… she is getting so juicy at the top and she is sooooo fragrant. Just like a skunk. I thought I had already fudged it up by over pruning the bottom branches. Please help me save this gorgeous girl?

Fo you have a microscope or a jewellers loop something at least 60 x and check out the spots and see what’s going on

Found another few buds with the web looking substance in the middle of the sugar leaves. Every time I disturbed the “web” there were small black things inside. So after reading all the articles on pests, I’m guessing it’s one of three buggies. The damage characteristics match spider mites, thrips or fungus gnats. I have def seen small black gnats and one of the buds looked like a tiny clear worm was burrowing in. I smushed it, but I need to know what to do.

@raustin @anon95385719 @drinkslinger @SmoknGranny @PurpNGold74 @Willd @MattyBear

Hi y’all! I certainly hope it was okay to tag you guys. I just chose people that looked like they knew what they were doing in the outdoor grow forums :woman_shrugging:
And I’m trying to make friends :blush:

I’m looking for possible solutions to a pest problem? Unknown pest.

I also have a million questions! I have been learning so much here! It’s great because this was really just a “let’s give it a shot” thing, but now I’ve become obsessed :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This is Barbara Bush. I think I need to do a little pruning? Which leaves do I prune to spread as much light as I can to the buds? Do I prune the big fan leaves? She’s about 2 weeks in to flower


Got pics? :+1:


Webbing? N small dark critters. Thinking its the mites. But photos are worth a thousand words. Also i dont belong n the grouping with those awesome growing folks. But since u were so nice ill be ya friend. :joy::joy:


Workin on it! Doesn’t want to upload because I have crappy satellite internet and it’s overcast = sloooooow

There is a pic above of the first one I found. I circled all the pertinent places.