2nd attempt, indoor grow, just want any helpful advice!

Would super cropping them work here? Was thinking it might be best to get them shorter and encourage lower branch growth. Just doing some research n sounds like the best start and then lots of lst from there.

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Haha yeah man my next purchase will be better now that my general understanding is good. Learnt so much the past few months n i just started then so should be sweet. I watxh plenty of youtube vids and do lots of reading which helps heaps

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Super crop doesn’t make them bush out u want to fim her that stands for f@#$ I missed meaning it’s when you ment to top but missed the whole top so fim is a bit of an art we all try to master it find the top growth as if you where going to top her and cut just above where the round bottom of the top is that’s the best I can explain with out trying to find the fim post it’s on the ilgm web sight hope some one knows where it is

I gotcha. I will look for it and read into it. I did top them earlier however, so i may or may not be able to do this but ill see. Just realised topping is what gets lower branches growing and then you can supercrop those branches and micro top later on.

Man i love this shit very excited to learn all this. Thanks all

U can defiantly grow two in there u just have to top them at the 3rd nod and keep your branches tide down i just use some garden ties they will start to bush out insted of growing tall this is one of mine after two month of growing them

Good to know man. Looks like im at the 5th node for the tall plant and topped now i think so i might be too late for two, but the smaller one i might be alright to have in there and move the other elsewhere. Heat will be an issue in my other room tho… have to look into that a bit more.

Gotta live and learn i guess!

Probably not a good idea to completely cut off the top 2 nodes i imagine and use it as a cutting?

When i use any cuttings i try to take anything with 5 or more nods i found when i use less 9 out of 10 time they dont turn out how i want them to if there to small it will take forever to get to a good size or just have to much trouble with them

Thats fair, i suppose my main goal was to just get the main one shorter is all, the cutting would be extra. Just dont want to waste if i did this… seems to early to take cuttings but just trying to be creative.

I may buy a tent instead to put one in there. Just not quite sure what to get now and where to hide it lol

It wont hurt to try iv had them work for me in the past it some just take off but some dont

Is it ok to cut basicslly a third of my stem on the main plant though? Sounds dangerous especially considering its size. Its also an auto, not a photo…

Iv never let them get that big oso i would look in to it u could just top them where there at and hope for the best that stem is pretty big

Yeah man i just topped this morning where they are. Might just see how it goes ans relocate one if i must, could get a tent set up somewhere lol

Hey man, its cold and wintery here. About 5 degrees celcius in morning and 15 during day, fair amount of rain etc… wondering if autos can be grown outside? I am readin that its possible. Would you know by any chance? I could move one outdoors.

Need to be 20 to 23c for outside 18 is ok but 15 is to cold


You can certainly grow autoflowers outside, but they will still have the same environmental requirements as a photoperiod plant (with the amount of light required to keep them from flowering being an exception).

@BigDaddyCain is spot on.


Thanks mate, good to know. It is too cold then :slight_smile:

Hey man, am trying to train lol. Real tight in here but wondering if i cpuld get some feedback? Theyre topped and ive been trying to train. Really tied the top leaves down now, some pics. Any suggestions be great! In future i will only be doing one plant here but ive got to manage this for now as it is. Cheers

Hey man, just wonderin if you can check my reply above and let me know any thoughts?? Thanks heaps!

@Tehj She looks good just keep tiring her in a spiral shape going up it is a lot of work to grow in small spot I went from a 3x3x4 space lot of training for two plants in small spot. Now I’m in a 4x4x8 tent way raiser but 4 plants is still tight.