2nd attempt at Grow white widow

First planted hermed on me. This plant is about 30 days old

White widow
Started in miracle gro as i couldn’t find fox farm. Transplanted into fox farm 2 weeks ago into 5 gallon smart pot
PH water between 6.5-7
Indoor grow tent 3x3
lighting quantum board 120v 18/6 schedule
Temps around 76-79 day and night
Humidity- this has been difficult as i had a humidifier running 24/7 in the beginning and couldn’t keep the humidity stagnant. Average humidity is in the upper 40’s.
6 inch infinity inline fan
no CO2 or dehumidifier
In the beginning I was giving it seaweed extract and URB mixed with purified water. This was too much and they developed nitrogen burn so i began just using tap water.
About a week ago I noticed the top of the leaves appeared to be wet and the fan leaves began to swirl? some of the fanleaves appear to be withering and wet.

Any ideas or suggestions?



thats crazy, i cant wait to find out

Me too. I’m growing White willow auto flower I’m 16 days in

I have never seen this before, let me see if i can get you a answer @Hellraiser @AAA @PurpNGold74 @Budz420 @monkman @Mote any help?

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Have you phd your water coming out (run off)? I was curious myself and did a little reading. Seeing some people suggesting ph swings or too high ph can cause this.

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Thanks for the tag @Chasworks - this is not something I have seen before - maybe @Covertgrower can shed some light? My only thought would be a highish pH :v:t2:

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I suspect the miracle gro is still causing issues. Which may be causing the twisting.


I suppose first thing is lay off the Miracle G completely, find some Mega Crop if you cant find ff, I think its better anyway and cheaper. I have one girl that did that a bit, I just chalked it up to genetics, I’m not concerned but I wasnt feeding mg. better yet get yourself 25 lbs of Jack’s 321 :wink:
or start considering living soil if getting nutes is hard in the hood. :v:

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Haven’t seen that before but I’d do a neem or spinosad treatment in case it’s pest related, which should be done regularly for pest prevention anyway.


I would definitely examine bottom of leaves for pests.


Haven’t tried the run off will do thanks!

Thanks i have neem will do it tonight!

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Hey dude my name is Jamie I have the easiest way to success for you start by using pro mix hp soil you can find it enywere that sells soil then get 8 gallon pots smallest 5 gallon then when you plant your seed after germination put it directly in that big pot no transplant your waisting time end energy for growing go buy the advance nutrients ph perfect line of nutrients will send pic follow the directions to a tea you can use tap water it hurts nothing but I do advice to store your water bucket in tent ore at close temp for a day before using it so no shooking the plant use lsd training only nothing harmfully to the plant just enough so you have a sea of green even canopy don’t print enything not dead tell just before 2 weeks of budding only take the big fan leafs of and don’t use scissors break them off less painfully to the plant then don’t cut enything after 2 weeks of budding buy a magnifying glass 100x and cut it when your thricombs are at 10% clear 10% gold 80% opac

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Hey guys,
Update on my plants. I’m still running into some issues and it’s very frustrating. I have 2 plants side by side. The one of the left is about 20 days younger than one on right. They are the same seed (white widow). The left is much darker then the right. I started the one in the right in miracle grow and then transplanted to Fox Farm at about 14 days. Darker one is Fox Farm only
Prior to this grow, my plant hermed on me about this time. However, I was growing in a closet with no ventilation and temps were an issue.
Anyway, I was watering my plants today and noticed the younger one had some sacs starting to grow. I immediately separated and will probably destroy the plant with the sacs on it later today when i get home from work.
Not sure why my plants keep herming but here this is their current environment

[quote=“Double11, post:1, topic:53582”]
White widow
PH water between 6.5-7
Indoor grow tent 3x3
lighting quantum board 120v 12/12
Temps around 76-82 (Might have reached 85 a few times in the day)
Humidity- humidity has been a problem it’s in the 60’s without the dehumidifier. When i run the dehumidifier i can get it down to 35% but it makes the grow room too hot…
6 inch infinity inline fan (passive)
Just started giving it “Big Bloom” no other nutes and started at half strength.
I may have a few light leaks to address in the tent but it gets a full 12hrs darkness giving current conditions with sun setting earlier
TDS ?? Don’t have a meter. Using tap water and just started adding big bloom every other grow at half strength

Again I’ve separated the plants from each other and think it’s a good idea to chop up the hermed plant i just hope it won’t affect my other one. I didn’t notice any pollen in the tent or pot like I did the first time.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Light leaks will very often result in hermies.

Those same light leaks will also contribute to airy buds.

Fix the light leaks.

Thank you

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On the dehumidifier issue, maybe put its exhaust near the intake of your tent but outside of the tent? Regardless, your humidity should drop if you just keep it in the room with your tent as it is pulling in the air from the room around it.

Also, any LED’s or displays on your dehumidifier, power strips, or any other electrical devices inside the tent could be contributing to hermies.

When lights are OFF, close yourself inside the tent for about 15 minutes. If you can see any light at all, fix it by covering the source with opaque material. Any source of light in your flowering tent during the dark period can cause problems.

Green light is considered OK by many folks but I do not chance even that because it is difficult to know exactly what the spectra of the green light is.