2nd 10 seeds, 1st epic fail

I think my thumb is black. I kill everything.
Had 4 year old seeds, 2 popped, couldn’t get them to leaf stage.
Bought 10, got 10 free GSCE. First 10… failed from shot glass to rockwool.

2nd 10, 9 out of 10 germinated, waited too long so did not need paper towels, went straight to rockwool, 2 days later 9 out of 10 popped, 10th showing just a hair. Put in humidity tray, 2 days later, very long, reaching. Placed directly in DWC, Drip, under the big lamp. 1 hour out of the humidity dome, seem awful wilted, hope they come back. DWC on high, PH around 6.5, no nuts, although considered a little superthrive, drip set 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off, 22 hours light. What do you pro’s think?

seems u went under the big light way to soon. with those should of let them grow more under some t5 lighting some and let them flourish some more before moving them to the next stage. im sure some others will also give u some more advice thats more experience than me.


HPS Isn’t recommended for seedlings, and as you can see doesn’t contain enough blue light. @dbrn32


Is this a digital ballast capable of running metal halide bulb too?


These were just placed under the lights 2 hours ago. They are stretching in darkness, hit the top of the dome. So I put them to the light. Not sure if I can pull them now. I was told that they can actually go from seed to finish under the HPS in DWC/Drip…

I may have found another issue. Light kept going out. Found that I had forgotten to plug in the exhaust fans. May have gotten a little warm.

I don’t believe so. Everything I have was brand new 10 years ago. Purple ballast, Veg lamp is 400 watt I believe, with a knob for 200W and 400 Watt. This morning looks like I may have 3 or 4 plants that may recover. If I have 1, I can clone and go, otherwise I’ve killed 20 seeds and need to find clones or buy more seeds.

You can grow with hps all the way through in most cases. Maybe if your light wasn’t on much that is issue. Looks awfully close for seedlings too.



I moved the light back on. 24 hours later I still have some alive.

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Saturated rockwool cubes can make them damp off as well. Possible drowning.

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July 13, 2020- Out of 20 seeds, I have 4 plants. One is doing really well, roots down in the water. 3 have no root system showing as of this morning. Leaves look funky to me, so I added very weak nutes, a little super thrive, ph’d to 6.0-6.5. temp was 79, so backed ballast off to 250 from 400, and sprayed a couple times out of a spray bottle. Thought about a humidity dome, but then the fan can’t reach. RH is about 49%.

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Going though some struggles myself outdoors with seedlings. I know your frustration. I’m not a hydro guy indoors so can’t really help but don’t let it discourage you. I use a metal halide indoors for veg. Don’t throw em out yet… these plants are weeds. Treat this as an experiment see what works.

How far is your light from the seedlings? I would say they are stretching from first looks.

I would say most have damped off from being to wet. The nozels being rite on top of them isn’t a good idea.
Seedlings only need a tiny bit of moisture to survive.

Moving nozels to side so it just keeps the hydroton damp would help them build roots.

I grow in hydro but no top feeders for me. Just rdwc

Also ph to 5.8 for hydro