2mm of yellow on leaf tips

Noob here.
I’m 10 days into 12/12 and both my plants have 2-3mm of yellow right on the tips.

Is it normal or something wrong?

The plants otherwise look really healthy and always have been. I’ve attached a pic but the yellow in the pic is not as yellow as the tips are to the naked eye…

The light was on 600w for the last 3 weeks or so, but I just turned it down to 400w setting as read it might be light burn.

Any help would be appreciated…

Here’s my specifics:

  • 1.2m x 1.2 x 2 tent
  • 1 x Purple Haze and 1 x Blue Haze (ILGM) in rhizo pots
  • Grown organically using only soil and compost. Have placed compost on top layer
    only twice (6 weeks since sprouting). Have also done two ‘aloe vera drenches’. started with 50/30/20 of soil/compost/perlite
  • Soil is PH 6.5-7
  • using 1 x 600w HPS light and two cheapo ebay LED grow lights

Thank you!


Couple pics in natural lighting would be easier to review. Sounds like you may have a little nutrient burn starting.

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Ok thanks. I’ve got it flipped so lights on at night, off in the day (in Tasmania - winter), so natural light is a little hard to come by…
I just put a bunch more compost on yesterday. should I be getting it out of there if it is potential nutrient burn??

That’s really minor right now if it’s the case. I would just kinda see how things go over next week before doing much. Some burnt tips aren’t going to hurt anything.

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Ok thanks for the advice.
I’ve turned up my lights, maybe that will help.

So if the yellow starts to expand along the leaf edges, flush with a bunch of water?


I would take a look at ph and ppm going in vs coming out before flushing. Maybe worth doing your next watering.

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I saw this on my plant and it looks very similar but my problem was it wasn’t getting enough water and when I was watering with neut and there was never any overflow so my neuts stacked up and weren’t absorbed properly and so I flushed it and now water every other day about a gallon of water per five gallon pot

Have given them a bunch of water. Hasn’t really gone away yet, nor increased, so hopefully all good.

Any chance you could look at some updated pics?
Apologies again for no natural light… but i think the yellow is clear on the leaves.
The yellow tips are still there, still some clawing and now there is some yellow mottling appearing near the edges of the leaves.
From the research I’ve done could be magnesium deficiency? Or still too much N ?
I’m using a pretty cheap non-digital PH gauge and getting around 6.8-7.
Haven’t added any anything, still just soil and compost.
They look healthy apart from the yellowing.
Maybe I’m not watering enough (every couple of days, when the first few cms of topsoil feels dry, usually the leaves drooping slightly, perk up again a few hrs after watering).
Many thanks for reading

Clawing leaves and burnt tips is pretty textbook nutrient toxicity. If your runoff is 6.8-7 that’s a little higher than I like to be, but not horrible. In soil I like to run wet/dry cycles, watering too often can cause root rot and be invitation for bugs. You kinda have to judge for yourself when is dry vs wet. Your plants are pretty big, watering to runoff every other day wouldn’t be uncommon as long as they’re not in a huge pot.