2gal pots OK for fast version outdoors?

I am a month into my first outdoor grow. (2) of my plants are Amnesia Lemon Fast version currently in 2gal fabric pots with FFOF. 4 weeks from sprout- they are doing well (about 12" tall) and just got their first pistils/preflower activity.

I have heard that these seeds can grow up to 5’ which would seem to big for a 2 gal pot but on the other hand, if they are about to start flowering and only have an expected 45-55 day flower cycle maybe they will be ok just finishing in these? I am somewhat afraid of repotting and stunting the growth on these fast version plants.


Id wouldnt transplant either. Especially fast version autos. I grew an 8 week seed to harvest plant, the flowers were awesome tasting but super wispy and light.

Glad I didnt- they have actual flowers today and I can smell them outside at the start of week 5! Guess I am in it for the the duration with these. Very excited about how fast they are growing, fingers crossed for a decent yield!

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Decent vs regular auto’s…no, not likely. Decent for the speed they grow, absolutely.

Starting week 5 with nothing but sunshine and rain water… and a couple doses of myco+. They look pretty happy and the growth has really taken off the last week or so.

I have 2 more Charlie Sheens that are actually a week older but only half the size- just noticed the first stigmas on those too!

May start some light nutes this week but I am loving the hands off approach on these. This was my first try with anything outdoors and I feel like Ron Popeil- just set it and forget it!

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