28 hour photoperiod

Well 8 since flip.

The plants wake up today at noon. The swelling does look like it has begun. Im believing more and more that it is the number of “days” that dictate the flower time. So the 16/12 will prolong a 63 day strain to take 74 actual days. Will it increase my yield? If so, now we are talking about adding maybe 30 bucks to the electric bill. Under 12/12 these ladies would have received a total of 756 hours of light during those 9 weeks. 1008 hours of light over those 10 and a half weeks. To be equivalent to the last grow, i need 6 oz of grape ape, 7 oz of pineapple haze, and 8 1/2 oz bay 11. If this experiment worked, i should have 8 oz of grape ape, 9 1/3 oz of pineapple haze, and just under 11 1/2 oz of bay 11. So i maybe 100 grams light of 2 pounds. Which would be 1.3 g/watt. I would say it could be considered a definite success to be at those numbers since everyone tries to achieve 1g/watt. Would you disagree, or would you have a different goal?

My experience has been that if you support the plant through the entire lifecycle, keep a green canopy 'til harvest and provide enough light, you will get your best yields.

I’ve never gotten to 1.3 g/watt but hit 1.25 doing that with an RDWC run. IIRC I had three plants produce a hair over 2 pounds in a 5 1/2 month photo grow with GH nutes.

I have also seen better yields with media rather than soil and my preferred medium is Pro Mix HP. Currently running Jack’s and won’t go back to any other nutrient line.

Here’s a fascinating video well worth watching:

Ive seen quite a few of his videos. Ive used a lot of his information.

Back to my parameters. Being that 1 gram per watt is the generally accepted goal that most are trying to acheive (which is harder with HPS due to less efficiency), then on a linear scale if i give 33% more light hours, then 1.3 grams per watt should conclude that 16/12 works exactly as expected. So ive concluded that 2 pounds is my goal to prove my theory.

Keep in mind though, I am, AT BEST, an intermediate grower. Im using walmart brand soil, a three year old HPS bulb, a hodge podge of nutes, and tap water. If i can get to that goal, then anyone could.

I realised i never answered your questions. In my 12/12 grow i had the same light, but had it on the 1000 watt setting, so it technically had more light. It made too much heat. This time i decided to do just the 600 watt setting. Its a 5x5 tent. I do not have light meters to measure my DLI, but have been doing some research. The DLI is not a maximum, and it is based on 24 hours, but MJ does not reject the light, it adapts to the extra light, but i think your other statement is correct that if you didnt have enough light, it could supplement the less light. The big thing is that it is seeming to really extend the flowering period. These things are 8 weeks from the flip and these look to have at least 3 weeks left. According to the breeder, these should be done or close to it.

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Just a 7 day update. Getting close to 9 weeks from flip, and still a lot of white hairs.


A little trichome porn


Anybody have a judgement on these? Im awful at this. Cant tell if they are milky, or just reflective.

I look at the stalks. The heads, being round, will always reflect light back to the source and appear white. As in first pic, white heads but translucent stalks…call those clear. Last pic, you can se the stalks are getting milky. You have the odd one in each pic that’s starting to turn amber.
But just my opinion! I can never get good pics of my trichs, I need to get one of those digital microscopes, the loupes are just too hard to hold and see through a phone!

The microscopes are not much easier. I mounted the microscope on a microphone arm and swung it around. It worked pretty good, i think.

I dont know if anyone is even paying attention anymore, but im still going to post my findings. One thing i noticed, and it may be evident on my pictures, is that this severely limited the stretch. I defoliated to about 6 inches from the tops of these plants. You can see the point of defoliation from the pictures. The hybrids stretched maybe 10 inches, where the haze plants stretched about 16 inches. For the hybrids this represents about a 30% stretch and maybe a 50% for the haze plants. Maybe 16 hours on tired them out, and kept them from stretching too much. These plants vegged for at least 3 months, so they were at least 2 1/2 feet tall. My tent is 6 feet 10 inches tall, and these plants in 12 inch pots, yet are still 2 feet from the light (hybrids). Now i may be a little biased, because i might be trying to only find the positives of this approach. So a possible negative is that, at nine weeks on the 12/12 grow, if i touched these things, my fingers would glue themselves together. That is not so much the case this time at 9 weeks, however this time schedule does seem to lengthen the flowering time. So it is possible that these are more like 7 week plants, rather than 9 weeks. The possible plus side is that i have some large clusters that just keep getting bigger. I am quite sure that if i harvested now, i would have a pound and a half. The individual flowers are still on the small side, and should swell to twice their current size. We shall see.


I’m still following with interest!
I do have a question for you @Labweed . What sort of timer for your lights do you have? I have one that I can program several on/offs with, with set times on certain days, curious how you set yours. And the type. Next year, October’ish, I plan on reconfiguring my setup and doing a Dutch Bucket system with a 40 gallon reservoir, I’d be willing to try this out if I could “set it and forget it”. But I’m not into manually turning lights on/off throughout the varied hours.
Keep posting! :+1:

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Just found this thread and I’m watching

Makes sense as I figure the finishing time would be based on day/night cycles and you’re losing a cycle per week.

I’ll be here to the conclusion.

Its a Togoal T319. Amazon offers 2 for like 25 bucks. It lets you just program a repeating cycle, so you just program how long its on and how long its off. Easy peasy. But if you did program individual days, it works out that 6-28 hour days are exactly the same amount of hours as 7-24 hour days. Its just 12, 4, 8, 12 ,4 ,8,…

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Right? Its weird. Its like the plants have something that they are trying to accomplish each day, like it has a schedule, and they dont care how long the day is. Ive seen someone do the opposite of this, where instead of extending the day, they shortened the day. They did a 6/12 cycle. They claimed to finish a week early. It would almost be worth running 3 tents (short, normal, and long days) just to really compare. Of course, well, money.

The upshot is they should be easy to adapt to other planets :ringer_planet:

Yeah, but Mars’ day is only 39 minutes longer than an Earth day! And who wants lo live on Uranus? :rofl: :poop: :crazy_face:

I know there has to be a good follow-up joke to that, but i just cant think of one right now.