260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit?

Hey there lighting friends. I promise I tried to read all of the millions of threads on the kits but… I’m not retaining. i can geek out any multitude of things but apparently not lighting.

I have a closet that’s 2x3 and in a few months may have room for another 3x5, so I’d like to find a light that can do both or at least grow into a 3x5. Most likely the tent would go from seed to harvest. I don’t THINK i’ll ever have space for anything larger and square unless I kick out my basement tenant, but you never know. I do like plants more than people.

If I buy a preassembled QB I think the advantage of these boards is that they can be reconfigured, is that right? Feel free to talk to me like i’m a four year old. I’m looking at the kit below, and am hoping some day if my needs change it can grow. Thoughts? Some of the grow light online stores ship them assembled. Unless I can save bukuu $$ buying components separately and someone can give me directions without using the word “solder”, I’m probably just gonna bite the bullet and buy one complete. I am not much for DIYing.

Thanks in advance.


Here ya go all pretty much plug and play you can do it for about $250 and I’ll help every step of the way. The only difference from this to that is the heat sync you still have to assemble.


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Thx. OK, so he’s doing three of the boards and I’m only looking to do two right now. So this would be the heat sink?


combo… https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/products/qb288-v2-rspec-slate-2-double-combo?_pos=9&_sid=d813e6e0f&_ss=r

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The standard 260 kit would be great for your 2x3, not so great for 3x5. They aren’t really able to be reconfigured without buying single heatsinks, and they’re expensive if you try to purchase without boards.

In my opinion, your best bet here would be to purchase 2 boards, 2 single heatsinks, driver, and the rest of the stuff you need and build yourself. When you expand to the 3x5 you can just build a new frame that suits larger space and incorporate two more boards into it. But you’ll definitely want different layouts in the different spaces.


OK that’s good to know. Any way you could link me to each part or just the model numbers? So i take it i’d want the larger drivers for now? I got lost just looking at the boards. I’m really a novice at this. Or if someone’s done it already I can look through a thread. tried reading the one jbum sent but that setup looks a little different. Thx again.

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I can’t link most of the major components due to forum advertising policy. And you would want a driver for 2 boards now and then another when you expand. So you would end up with 4 boards and 2 drivers in the 3x5, but 2 boards and 1 driver in the 2x3.

2-hlg qb 288 boards
2- slate 2 single heatsinks
1- meanwell hlg-240h-c2100a driver

The rest of the stuff you can get from Amazon and local hardware store.

6’ of 3/4"x.125 aluminum angle
25’ spool of 18awg solid core wire rated 300v
5 pack 2 port wago connectors.
16/3 power cord.
Misc hardware for assembling frame and hanging light.

Tools you’ll need a hacksaw, drill with drill bits sized to hardware, screwdriver, wire strippers, and maybe wrenches. Depends on what you decide to use for frame hardware.

amazing, thank you. i’ll add it up and see how much i can save. I got my seeds today so may need a plug and play but saving $150 would be worth it. as far as the frame hardware… I’d use whatever you tell me to lol.


I don’t remember what sizes everything are off top of my head. I think the screws to mount boards to heatsinks are m3, about 5mm long. But they usually come with mounting screws. I think the holes to mount heatsink to frame are m4, but I would double check that.

I don’t usually tell people which exact bolts or screws to get for building frame. That usually requires you to build it exactly how I would, and not always the best way for everyone. Most of the time I rivet frames because we have shitload of them at work lol.

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Amazon has QB V2 132’s (set of 4) for $139 with Prime.


Oh I was thinking something else, not actually the hardware but thanks for attempting to tackle that. I guess I don’t even know what’s meant by “frame”. still think i should try this on my own? lol

Yes you should. If you read the post I put up earlier it will explain everything

I’ll try to get through it again, thanks. my brain seams to be resisting new information the last day or two. i know i’ll be psyched once i know how though.

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Feel free to ask there is never a dumb question. If you don’t know you just simply don’t know and that’s perfectly fine. Heck if it wasn’t for @dbrn32 I would be trying to grow under candle light or some shit who knows lol.


LOL. i should show you the first “grow light” i thought would suffice. there’s a reason my plants have been in veg for 9 weeks and are the size of a softball.


What am I missing here? buying these components separately is adding up to almost the same price as the preassembled kit. the big difference being there’s one double heat sink vs two heat sinks. but if i’m understanding you correctly, if i want to go up to a 3x5 i basically need to buy all of these exact same components again. is there a cost savings in here that i’m not seeing? what wouldn’t I have to buy again- the driver?

slate single x 2 = $78
qb 288 x 2 = $158
driver = $75
power cord == $15
aluminum= $8
25’ spool = $10
wago connectors = $11

= $370

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jbum, didn’t see heat sinks in your purchase list on the other thread. do you buy them?

I do no need them with these boards. I just built an aluminum frame.

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The heatsinks should be like $20 each when purchased with boards




Switch the wago to 10 pack, and I think I may have just saved you about $70 or so. The kits aren’t priced heavy compared to components, but if you looked at the hlg-300 you’ll be about half the price. Plus you’ll have a better light for your application than with the kit.

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oh thanks for that. I saw “when purchased separately” they’re more expensive but didnt see the single heat sink combos. so… why does Jbum not need them but i would? cheaper/cooler for the smaller multiple boards?

does it instill confidence that at first I thought the wago connector was a toaster?