24”x48”x60” start up help?

I’m looking to start an indoor grow. I was thinking a 24”x48” tent but have no idea what size inline fan 6” or 4”? What type of light? Etc…

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I have a 2x4 with a 4” cloudline. Wish I would have paid extra and got the 6”. Tent runs a little warm even with the fan on the highest setting. I do have a carbon filter attached and that reduces the fan’s efficiency.

What kinda space do you have to put it in? If you need to fit it in a tight space then that size will do but you’ll soon realize how small that tent is with even 1 or 2 mature plants. I had a 4 inch in my 5x5 and just like jane said it was about a joke. The 6 in ac infinity is where its at tho. As for light a lot of people around here reccommend that being your biggest expense when it comes to your grow budget and they will mostly say HLG but @dbrn32 is the light expert and can help you there. For the most part we need to know how committed your gonna be because if your not committed your not gonna want to drop a lot of money in quality gear and equipment so you won’t have to replace or upgrade later down the road. You can get by doing it cheap and some have with success but I see far more success with the proper tools for the job


Thanks for tag. I’m pretty sure I posted response in different topic.

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If u have a short run for exhaust and not many bends u can get away with the 6 inch ac infinity raxial inline fan for intake and exhaust but if longer than say 10 feet of tube id get the t6 for exhaust and a raxial for intake. 2 smaller fans for air circulation and a good led light and ull be off to the weed races

I went with T6 cloudline and couldn’t be happier

My tent is 3x3x6 and it sucks in the walls on setting of 4 and is reasonably quiet