24 hour light. But flowering

Hello everyone.
I keep my mother plants in 24/7 lights. Some of the plants are 1 year old some only 3 months old. But all started to flowering same time. Any idea how is can happen? Why they flowering when they get the non stop lights? Thanks.

Sure it’s not preflowers?

Yes 100 percent sure. I got 2 separated room. Both rooms have 3 kind of indica. Some mothers are 9 months old some only 3 months old. But only 1 kind of indica start to flowering. In both room same time. Also they stop to drink. And after couple of weeks just die.

Pictures are helpful.

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Must have some auto flower genetics in there or, you just can’t stop nature’s course.

The oldest mother plant is 18 months old. The clones from her is 3 months old. (not auto flowering). And they start to flowering same time in the separate room. Other genetics are fine in the room. Only this Afghan Kush.