24 days from germ

All 6 seem to he doing well… all have been LSTd except for the shorty in the middle… really liking how the growth is changing…never done LST and I think it’s going to work out well. 2 each of Gelato, zkittlez and wedding cake. Moving soon and will have to transport, going to try and do it at night and so as not to disturb the light cycle.


Curious, are you going to do all of them in that tent in the photos?

@OooWee1184 I’m letting them get as big as can in there. I’m moving in a couple weeks into a much bigger place where the grow will have a dedicated room. So injust didn’t want to get another setup going just to have to tear in down. But I imagine two of them will get moved to another tent or closet to finish once I get down there.

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