24/0 light schedule question

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m currently at 95 days of veg due to circumstances. I’m curious if this plant going into flowering even though it’s still on its 24/0 light schedule. This is bag seed so the strain is unknown and don’t think it’s an autoflowering if so I imagine it would way beyond this point. Should I be worried about the little spots on the leaves or the amount of pistils. Any help or suggestions are welcome.

Well if your in, 24/0 light cycle and she started flower that’s a auto flower for sure. Also from the pictures looks like it is flowering, you have pistol formation which as of this point if possible you need to flip light to 12/12 otherwise you may possibly stress it and hermie that plant, and what color are the spots on the leaves, and no you shouldn’t be worried about pistol production, that will increase as the plant gets older

Yup I agree, is there any reason why you haven’t flipped to 12/12.?
Just curious. And I blew this baby up and I don’t see any spots. I’d say that yourvget to go.


Might be talking about forming trichomes, cause he was asking about pistils in the same section, but I didn’t either, and thank you I was gunna ask why they weren’t flipped to 12/12 yet, but didn’t think of it lol

I think, if i’m not mistaken …didn’t he say like three months n vegg or something to that effect

Yea 3 months and 5 days (95 days In veg), which 2 things hint autoflower, flowering in 24 hours of light, and the plant not stressing with 24 hours of light still cause autoflowers don’t stress on a 24 hour light cycle, and that’s what gives them the “auto flower” name, lol they grow any where and flower with 12/12 or 24 hours, ruderalis…gotta love it lol makes a newbies job easy lmao

But u would think that if it were auto and im sure it is would have surely started to flower by now …don’t ya think… or maybe seeing how its bag week …it could be old age seeds. Like me im slow get’n up each day…lol



Lol could just be the genetics in the strain buddy

Don’t have seperate veg flower rooms at the moment. And was gonna move and figured a female in veg than one that was flowering lol.

First grow and I figured the longer I veg the better.