23 days of a Amnesia haze auto

First pic was on the first. Last pic is today. They seem slow, looking and watching every day but they really do grow fast when they get going. Topped and tied down. No nutes other than what’s in ffof plus a little calmag.


Nice plants off to a good start.

I just dropped my seeds last night for a 24 hr soak. I didn’t think you could train the auto’s cause they grow too fast?

Do it early and it’s no problem. I top at 2 weeks and by the 3 or 4th I tie it down to start training.

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Awesome have you grown them both ways? This is my first go around with the auto’s. I’m looking as everyone else is, to get the max out of them.

I always get more off them with training but I have done it without.

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I dropped 3 if all 3 sprout, I’ll train 1 for practice :joy:


I have 2 photos in flower now when they are done I’m thinking of doing the same thing and experiment with a auto and top once and then lst


After opening her up and strapping some limbs down she is pretty level with lots of bud sites. Time to let her grow.

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Looking good

What size pots are you using?

5 gallon pots.