23 day above soil auto sour d looking good?


Looks real good. Here’s a gorilla glue on day 35. Maybe this will give you an idea on what to possibly expect the next week or two.

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Got a question u think ill be ok on the heighth with the lst im in a 4 ft talk tent…?

Whats the height of ur plant if u dont mind me asking? And how much stretch do u have left…sorry my first grow?

Autos are gonna do what they’re gonna do. If the plant gets too tall you may have to tie it down. But I wouldn’t borrow trouble yet. Plant looks good from the picture.

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Thanks bro

How much light you throwin at em? Probably just the pic but it looks a little dim in there from where I’m sitting

Its vivvosun vs1000 with samsung diodes…100w from the wall it may be under powered for my 2x2 with 2 plants i calculate rougly 50w underpowered which i jumped the gun and bought all this fast without researching as its my first grow got bout 2 months knowledge… lol


Yeah I hear ya. I went from a homemade 250 watt hps to a store bought 450watt hps to 2 hlg600rspecs… only had to pay for 1 but don’t ask how…lol… lighting is the single biggest thing to spend the $$ on.

My tent’s 6 1/2’ I think. Maybe a little taller. I think most of my stretch is done. Will probably add another 6” or so.

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How tall is ur plant? Im trying to get a feel how tall mine will be with lst…

Auto growth depends on several things:
Strain (sativas typically taller, indicas shorter and bushy).
Pot size for root ball and feeding sequences.
Grow location; tent size, exterior, interior, humidity, temps, etc…
Most autos that i’ve dealt with are 32" to almost 4’.

Mines sour diesel…do u think i can take a foot off during tie down throughtout its life

Right now it’s about 22”. I did FIM mine. I know it’s not recommended for autos, but I do it anyway. It’d been way taller without the FIM.

Damn man i regret getting that 48 inch tent should have went with the tallest height is something i can always use