.227 grams per watt... what’s wrong?

My last 2 harvest have not been all that great… I’m using full hydro, hydroton, top drip recycle.
5 gallon pots. 8min watering every 2 hours… 4x4 tent. Scrog… remove parts of screen as it gets closer to harvest…let the tall ones go on the perimeter… 1000w air cooled hps.@18-24” above canopy. Top of canopy, the leaf is = < 82° Advanced nutrients gmb, b-52,voodoo juice, bigbud, sensi cal mag… ro water… fan blowing on canopy… air temp day up to 83° night temp @68-70. Rh- day 35%-50%. Night 60%-50%. Co2 kinda low… @600ppm. Reservoir temp @65-70°.ph 5.8-6.5. Ppm @ 900-1000. Harvest from pic was like 7-8oz. What the hell?

Could be any number of things


Yeah that is odd - as @HornHead stated above it could be so many things it’s really hard to tell. It sounds like you have a good handle on things based on your setup but my suggestion would be to start a real time grow journal so the forum can respond in real time to any issues they might see. I would add overdrive in if you like the AN line I noticed significant weight added on the last two weeks using this. That bring up how long did you let them go before harvest? All milky, some amber, etc in regards to trichs… the last couple weeks they really pack the weight on. What genetics as well? What strain from what bank or clone etc.


Do u happen to do alot of defoliating? Ur pics look like u do alot of cleaning of leaves? That can play a big re in size of buds as I am learning. Last 2 harvests or grows I did alot of trimmin and cleaning for light and air, this round I am not defoliated, just pluckin dead or yellowin leaves this round and I have noticed I good difference in my buds overall size with more leaves soakin the light.


Yeah, trying to narrow it down… I did defoliate… maybe too much… they had a good 10 week veg and 8 week flower… watched trichomes and waited until mostly milky with some amber. One of them had bigger buds when they were not dense… under 1000w…? Parent strains were sour d and ambrosia… I bred them…

That’s what I was thinking… didn’t say anything to see if anyone noticed…

Most of your numbers sound pretty good. Do your roots look ok?

O.k. with a 100watt hps you should blow that out the water im in a 4x4x6 grow tent in soil and i use mh and hps lights i run 2 600w. I use 6000k or 6500k bulbs for veg and 2000k hps bulb for flower. When are you harvesting that picture looks like it has another 4 weeks before chop time so what do your trichomes look like before you chop? A 1000watt has alot of penetration

Im thinking you need to fill that canopy up a little more to reach good numbers, im seeing quite lots of empty space. And genetics… good genetics will do most of the work for you, keep em green and theyll shine.


Yeah the roots looked good when I pulled them out of the planters… they had plenty of room in the 5 gallon planters… i transplanted them from 3 gallon square pots to 5 gallon nursery planters when I switched the lights with a little voodoo juice. They weren’t root bound or anything. They biggest plant was actually left in a 3 gallon planter…?

I had one that I used the manifold technique on… it went in 2 weeks after the other 3 and by the 8th week it had caught up and was ready… I went off the trichomes… with a microscope… they were starting to turn amber 2 weeks ahead of schedule… weird… normal from seed, not auto or anything. I pollinated a couple branches on each one… got good tiger stripped seeds so I know it went long enough… only pollinated enough to get like 6 seeds so that shouldn’t have taken away so much energy that it hurt the yield.

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Yeah the pic was a like a week before I harvested… the trichomes were mostly milky, 20% amber… it went 8 1/2 weeks… the last week and a half I used 600w Mh along with 750w hps and last couple days went full mh. Trichomes liked it!

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The empty space is from removing the scrog net… they were all spaced out evenly. I untie my net a bit before harvest. It’s a sour d cross so… and one is blueberry kush

And they vegged for 10 weeks

I’m changing nutes on the next run. Should liquid big bud (an) be cloudy any smell like metallic tomatoes? Maybe I got some bad nutes? B-52 suppose to be gritty and dark brownish red?

There are alot of factor that comes in play, really hard to tell without a journal, @Grandaddy013 could probably post some picture of a full canopy for you.

4x4 canopy one plant


That was the previous harvest… still wasn’t a pound…


Are you sampling flower or sugar leaves?

I would guess you are just a bit short on the final cut. They need a week or two more to finish bulking up. All your numbers look great to me.

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The trichomes would be amber and start degrading while drying had I waited… I know what you mean thought… they look like week 5-6 but it’s 8 1/2. It’s definitely potent… with ambrosia and sour d as parents, I would expect a bigger yield…

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What about a combo of too much defoliation too early with nutes being a touch high causing lockouts…???

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